OOTD: I love my new denim jacket!

I’m sure you all know that Dorothy Perkins has had 25% off everything for the past week.. And I of course made an order, I couldn’t resist ;). The main thing I wanted to order was a cropped denim jacket. I have wanted one for ages, and the last straw for me was when I saw this post by the awesome Becky. She looks so cute in hers that I knew I had to have one! I commented and she suggested that I should check Dorothy Perkins. THANK YOU for that Becky, because I found what I was looking for in this jacket!

I’m so happy for the warmer weather, since I knew I had to wear the jacket straight away when it arrived! Ready to see it on me?

Denim jacket, 22, Dorothy Perkins | Scarf: H&M (similar)

Belt: KappAhl (similar) | Brogues: Primark (similar coloured cute loafers)

Dress: 2X, Forever 21+ (three most similar I could find: 1 2 3) | Top (only seen in sleeves): 14, Primark (similar) | Leggings: 16/18, Primark

In this outfit I wanted to mix the teal stripes of my dress with mustard accessories, and I think they work together great, I felt really good in this outfit :). And the jacket? I LOVE IT. I feel that it goes with everything, and since it’s cropped I can actually button it up as well. (If it wasn’t, my belly would be on the way, haha.) The light wash of the jacket is great, since I wear mostly dark clothes, so it brightens up my outfits. The only bad thing about the jacket is that the arms are quite small, so I won’t be able to wear it with a chunky knit top for example, since my arms wouldn’t fit in then. That wasn’t a reason for me to send it back though, since I will be wearing the jacket mostly on spring-summer time, when chunky knits are not needed! Pockets would also be a plus, but not necessary. Unless you’re quite big in your arms, I would definitely recommend this jacket, made me so happy and smiley since I put it on :).

Have you got a denim jacket? Cropped or regular length? What kind of outfits will you be wearing with yours?

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