Curve: new plus size line from AX Paris

I was on my way to bed when I saw news on Twitter that AX Paris has launched a plus size line. So yeah, HAD TO go and look!

The first thing I saw was of course the name of the line, ‘Curve’, which is also the name of ASOS plus size line.. but if I forget that and look at the clothes themselves: I’m loving what I’m seeing. To be honest some of the stuff is not for me (and some of them are ‘lovedrobeish’), and some I absolutely LOVE… but that basically means that there’s something for everyone. Most of all I’m happy that this is a collection that has sizes 16-26, and it is not stuff that has been designed for hiding fat bodies. There’s lace, bodycon dresses, animal prints, bright colours, patterns, you name it. And I’m definitely giving a chance to a brand who does all that instead of wanting to hide our bodies in shapeless, black sacks.

Here are a few my faves from the line, but you can take a look at it all in here.

Bird Print Zip Front Dress, £30

Lace Over Lay 3/4 Sleeve Dress, £38

Navy Polka Dot Chiffon Floaty Dress, £40

Split Sleeve Spot Two In One Dress, £38

TP Printed Smock, £32

I’m pretty excited here! What do you think of the line? Will you give AX Paris Curve a try? I most certainly will!

edit: Already ordered the first two dresses (zipped bird print and lace bodycon)! Can’t wait to get them!

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