Today’s OOTD, and my first ever giveaway!

Today has been quite hellish day. I have felt so moody, I for example cried at work today. I felt really horrible, but big part of me wanted to stay at work, cos I was supposed to work on an interesting new project. So, this ‘go/stay/go/stay’ thing was going on in my head and I just started crying. EMBARRASSING. I’m so happy that I had told my boss a couple of weeks ago that my doc took me off my thyroid meds (I’ve got an overactive thyroid), and that these mood swings might happen. Well yeah, I will not go to the office tomorrow, will go to the hospital for some tests. I hope they find some reason for this, all this weirdness can’t be only in my head!

Even though you will see the tiredness and the fake smile in my pics, I still wanted to share today’s outfit. This dress was one of the few things that I actually paid full price for on my NYC trip, and it’s again from Old Navy. I like it, but I’m not sure if I love it. What do you think? What I do love though is my shoes! They’re Office shoes that I found for £4 (!!!!) from a charity shop, they had only been worn once or twice. I think they’re so cute, definitely one of my best thrifting finds. (And sorry about the laundry, I wish I had a much bigger room/flat/house.)

Dress: XXL, Old Navy | Leggings: 16/18, Primark | Shoes: 42 (extra insole needed, haha), Office – thrifted | Glasses: LensWay

Since I needed some cheering up, I decided to do something that I have been wanting to do for a while, but been too lazy to sort out. You saw it in the title already…. it’s a GIVEAWAYYYYYYYYYY!!! And here’s what you can win…

Fashion book by Fifi Lapin | Glittery clutch bag by Forever 21 | Purple glitter eyeshadow by Miners | Grey eyeshadow by Lumene | Coconut body scrub by The Body Shop


Like what you see? Then ENTER! You can do that by leaving me a comment here and letting me know you want to enter :). You get an extra entry if you follow me on Twitter and tweet this: ‘I just entered @fattyschallenge’s first ever giveaway at The Wardrobe Challenge –’. If you do that, leave me another comment and let me know your Twitter username. I will close the entries on the evening of Tuesday 3rd April, and will choose the winner using Random.Org. 


EDIT: Entries closed – winner will be announced in my next post!

Yay, that’s it! Hope you like this little giveaway!

Disclaimer: I purchased all these items myself, this is not a sponsored giveaway. And I post to anywhere, so feel free to enter :)

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