What’s Underneath

(postaus on yhteistyö amerikkalaisen Lane Bryantin kanssa, joten jätin käännöksen tekemättä)

I admit, there are a lot more options for us busty ladies to find gorgeous lingerie these days than a few years back. But there’s one type still lacking.. padded bras for large sizes! I’m in no need of padding when it comes to size, there’s enough extra, haha, but I personally love the shape and comfort that padded bras provide.

I was recently sent a few bra sets to try from Cacique at Lane Bryant, who do a lot of padded bras in large sizes. I asked all my bras to be sent in size 42H and panties in US 22/24. (For reference I wear 42GG in Elomi and 40J in Curvy Kate.) In two sets the size was spot on, but one bra was too small. Below I show you two of them.

So this Smooth Boost Plunge Bra is an actual unicorn for me! It is padded AND the central core is really low. This basically never happens in my size! My boobs are far apart, so this is actually closest I can get to a cleavage like this, so you can imagine that I am in love with this bra! The straps are padded too, so they don’t dig in your shoulders, and the creamy colour of the bra is lovely. (This bra is actually available in amazing 13 colours/prints at the moment, there’s something for everyone.)

This sexy Strappy Back Demi Bra comes in red, black and white, and it has a stunning back detail (see below). This bra was a bit hard to get on because of the back, but it did look lovely – to be honest I felt it went to waste as I don’t have a boyfriend haha! The Hipster Panties are super gorgeous as well, really loved them!

Have you tried Cacique lingerie? And are you with me on the fact that we need more padded bras in large sizes here in the UK?

** the bra sets were gifted to me for a review, but opinions are my own **

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