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(Suomeksi alla)

You have seen me cover the two previous navabi influencer collections on the blog on these posts: the Arched Eyebrow x navabi and Aglaë meets navabi. Now they have released their latest influencer collection, Dressing Outside The Box meets navabi. I have loved Isabell‘s style for a long time, and I was so excited to see this collection! She did not disappoint and I’m loving the pieces. I got to choose a few pieces and went for this white top and the checked trousers. The top has really different, cute sleeve details, and I love the fit of the trousers. I teamed them with brown accessories and really liked the end result!

Blouse / Paita*: 26, Dressing Outside The Box meets navabi | Trousers / Housut*: 26, Dressing Outside The Box meets navabi | Boots / Nilkkurit: Evans (similar) | Bag / Laukku: Aldo (similar) | Lipstick / Huulipuna: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Audacious

Olette nähneet blogissani asut kahdesta aikaisemmasta navabin bloggaaja-mallistosta näissä postauksissa: Arched Eyebrow x navabi ja Aglaë meets navabi. Nyt navabi on julkaissut kolmannen mallistonsa bloggaajalta, Dressing Outside The Box meets navabi -malliston. Olen tykännyt sakasalaisen Isabellin tyylistä jo kauan, ja olin erittäin innostunut näkemään tämän malliston. Isabell ei pettänyt, ja malliston vaatteet ovat huippuja! Sain valita jokusen vaatteen itselleni, ja päädyin tähän valkoiseen paitaan ja ruutuhousuihin. Paidassa on tosi erilaiset, makeat hihayksityiskohdat, ja tykkään tosi paljon siitä, miten hyvin housut istuvat. Yhdistin asuun ruskeat nilkkurit ja laukun, ja lopputulos oli mieleeni!


* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu

  1. Nomali says: March 26, 2018 11:56 AM

    I have also loved Isabell’s style for year and was so excited, not only to see she had been chosen to do this collection but also how GOOD it is! I’m definitely one of the many fat women who’ve been SQUEALING about THE SUIT. I really enjoy how you’ve styled this look! Reminds me of my late teen/early 20s where I was obsessed with brogues.

    Great look!

    • Hanna says: March 28, 2018 1:58 PM

      Thank you Nomali, I’m glad to hear you liked the outfit :)! And yes the suit is GOOD!!!! xx

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