Perfect pamper day

(Kylpyläreissu ja illallinen saatu yhteistyössä Entertainer App:in kanssa, ja koska kyseessä on Lontoon applikaatio, jätin käännöksen tekemättä.)

A couple of weeks ago Mayah and I got a lovely invite for a spa day and dinner from The Entertainer App, and there was no way we would have turned that down. Both of us have been needing relaxation and pampering, so this was the perfect invitation.

We started the day at Spa Verta in Battersea, where we were booked for half an hour massages. The relaxation area where we waited was gorgeous and calming, and we got to enjoy delicious coffees – as we simply can’t function without coffees in the morning haha.

I haven’t had a massage in yeeeeeeeears, and if you are a long time reader, you might remember I had a shoulder injury… so there was a bit of worry in my excitement. My therapist was lovely though, and I wish the treatment would have been longer!

After the massages we had access to the spa area, and spent hours between 3 saunas (Finnish sauna, sanarium and steam room) and the hydrotherapy pool enjoying the jacuzzi jets. Seriously I loved this so much, I wish I could go every week! Mayah and I keep talking about the day though, so I’m sure we’ll go back soon.

After the spa day we got to go for dinner at the Soho Indian restaurant, The Red Fort. I loved the dark red and black decor from the second we walked in. We picked a nice South African white wine (that ended up being a GREAT choice) and hit the menu.

I went with murgh seekh for starter, which was spiced roasted minced chicken skewers with ginger, garlic, coriander and cumin. I ate them with the mango chutney and they were lovely, but very spicy. (Haha, I might have gotten my face all sweaty because of that.) And for my main I got murgh malai, which was chicken tikka pieces marinated with cardamom with rice and naan.

My favourite part of the dinner was the dessert though – that rich chocolate mousse was aaaaaamazing! Also a bar called Zenna is located in the basement of The Red Fort, so that is a perfect place for those after dinner drinks.

All in all the day was just what Mayah and I needed, and if you want to do something similar with your best friend – The Entertainer App is full of great 2 for 1 deals that get you all the pampering and entertainment you and your bestie could want for half the price!

** massage, spa day, dinner and drinks were gifted to me by The Entertainer, but opinions are my own **

Beauty: L’Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminiser

(Valitettavasti tämä uudistettu Nutri-Gloss tuoteperhe ei ole vielä saatavilla Suomessa, joten jätin käännöksen tekemättä.)

L’Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminiser Shampoo | L’Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminiser Conditioner | L’Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminiser Gloss

Several months ago I went to a launch event for the new L’Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminiser product family. This product family is a new version of the Nutri-Gloss products, and it is meant to care for dull hair.

This is what L’Oreal Paris website says about the reasoning behind the range:

Over time, hair fibres can become dull due to a build-up of impurities and the hair cuticle becoming rough, which can disrupt light reflection.

Today, professional gloss techniques are used to remove impurities from hair fibres, and coat them with a glossing polish for long-lasting, weightless luminosity.

Inspired by this, L’Oréal Paris laboratories have created our first haircare range enriched with GLYCOGEL, to help hair look perfectly polished with 48hr show-stopping shine.

The product family consist of shampoo (cleanse and shine), conditioner (condition and gloss) and leave-in gloss (top coat finish). They are meant to make your hair glossy and shiny for 48h, and I can tell that I can notice a difference myself. Before this post I used the products for two weeks, and washed my hair every two or three days.

My hair feels softer and silkier, and yes, shinier. (The colour of the photos has been altered a bit because they were way too light, but nothing has been added to change the look of my hair.) My own favourite product out of the three is the gloss. It gives my hair a lovely shiny finish, it smells amazing, and it is not greasy at all, even if you spray it to your hands first.

I definitely recommend these for a dull hair, and they are actually now more than 50% off with current promotion at Superdrug, so go get yours if you want to give them a try. If you don’t live near one, just click the links below :)


** products were gifted to me for a review, but my words and opinions are my own **

Beauty Faves: Mavala Mavadry

This month’s Beauty Fave is Mavala Mavadry. I am really bad when it comes to nail polish, I never have the patience to wait for it to dry and I end up smudging the polish. Now this GENIUS product is my saviour.. Mavadry dries the polish in seconds and adds a lovely gloss too, so nowadays I just use it as a top coat. If you have same problems as me, then I wholeheartedly recommend that you give Mavadry a try – aaaamaaazingggg!!! Or have you tried it already? If so, do you agree with my thoughts?

Tämän kuukauden kauneuslempparini on Mavalan Mavadry. Mä olen ihan kamala säätäjä kun on kyse kynsien lakkaamisesta, mulla ei riitä kärsivällisyys, ja aina onnistun sotkemaan lakan ennenkuin se on kuivunut. Joten tämä NEROKAS tuote on kyllä pelastajani tässä asiassa.. Mavadry kuivaa lakan sekunneissa ja lisää kauniin kiillon lakan päälle, joten nykypäivänä käytän Mavadry:tä päällyslakkana. Jos omaat samanlaisia ongelmia kuin minä, niin ehdottomasti kannattaa kyllä kokeilla Mavadry:tä – loistava tuote!!! Tai oletko ehkä jo kokeillut? Jos olet, niin oletko samaa mieltä kanssani?

Ring is a gift from Dani

Beauty: Smile Brilliant

(Tämä on yhteistyö Smile Brilliantin kanssa, ja koska kaikki heidän materiaalinsa ovat vain englanniksi, niin jätän käännöksen tekemättä. Jos teitä kuitenkin kiinnostaa hampaiden valkaisu, niin he kyllä toimittavat tuotteita myös Suomeen.)

Disclaimer: This is another post that has been in the works for ages. Almost a year to be exact. A lot of things seemed to get in the way, but I have finally managed to do it all and take photos etc, so this can finally be done :).

I was contacted by Smile Brilliant last spring, and they asked if I would be interested in trying their teeth whitening kit. I jumped at the chance to do this, as my teeth are naturally quite yellow and that has always annoyed me.

The first thing I received in the post was some moulding materials to create impressions of my teeth with. The impressions could have been done easily alone as well, but I went to one of my best friends for help – as she is a dental hygienist and knows this stuff, haha. I sent the impressions back to Smile Brilliant, and received my custom-fitted teeth whitening trays a few weeks after. Along with them I received three syringes of desensitising gel and three syringes of professional teeth whitening gel.

The instructions said that the whitening gel should be used for 1-3 hours per session, and should be repeated every day or every other day until the syringes are empty. (The desensitising gel was meant to be used only if needed, but as my teeth didn’t really get sensitive during the process at all, I didn’t end up using any of it – but I guess this really varies with every person.) I did all this, but in the end I didn’t see any difference in the colour of my teeth. Smile Brilliant told me that my expectations where probably too high, as no two sets of teeth are the same (see more on expectations here), but they still kindly sent me four more syringes of the whitening gel to use, in case that would help.

I definitely don’t recommend ‘breaking the rules’ with chemicals like this, but as I mentioned earlier one of my best friends is a dental hygienist who works with dental whitening daily.. and I asked her for help. She said that for better results I should try leaving the trays in my mouth for up to 5 hours instead of 1-3 hours, and that is what I did with my extra 4 syringes of whitening gel. (At this point I did get some sensitivity, but not enough that I would have had to use the desensitising gel.) And did it work? Well, see for yourself..

Before is on the left and results are on the right. And like you can see, I still didn’t get my ‘pearly whites’, but they are definitely a bit whiter. So just as long as you keep your expectations realistic, I would recommend giving Smile Brilliant a try – I know I wouldn’t object using the gel again myself in the future :).

** the teeth whitening kit was gifted for me for review, but my opinions are 100% my own **

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