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(Suomeksi alla)

I mentioned in this post how I have gravitated towards bras without underwires, and during this time the Livi Active sport bras from Lane Bryant have been my saviours! Of course I still wear underwired pretty bras (some posts on that subject coming later by the way..), but on days when I wear a turtle neck top or any other high neckline, you can bet that there’s a Livi Active Cooling No-Wire Sport Bra underneath – as there is during all my walks. They are the most comfortable bras I have ever owned, and as they are extremely moulded into shape, they also give me a great lift and shape – with no wire on sight! They aren’t for high impact sports though, but for walking and my every day life they are just perfect. I have two of them in size 44G (for comparison in Elomi I wear 42GG) and I never want them to wear out!

Talking about the whole Livi Active range.. have you seen the amazing new campaign about it? Lane Bryant has teamed up with 4 plus-size athletes and the campaign and their stories are truly inspirational. I absolutely love it myself – see it all here.


Mainitsin tässä postauksessa kuinka olen viime aikoina käyttänyt paljon enemmän rintsikoita ilman kaaritukia, ja tän aikana Lane Bryantin Livi Active urheiluliivit ovat pelastaneet minut! Tietysti käytän edelleen myös kauniimpia ja kaarituellisia liivejä (postauksia siitä aiheesta muuten tulossa myöhemmin..), mutta päivinä jolloin päälläni on poolo tai jokin muu paita jossa on peittävä kaula-aukko, voit vaikka lyödä vetoa että paidan alla on Livi Active Cooling No-Wire Sport Bra – kuten myös kävelylenkeilläni. Kyseessä on ehdottomasti mukavimmat liivit joita olen koskaan käyttänyt, ja koska ne on erittäin muokattu malliinsa, ne myös antavat minulle ‘nostetta’ ja muotoa kuin yleensä ainoastaan kaarituelliset liivit tekevät. Nämä kyseiset liivit eivät kyllä ole tarkoitettu mihinkään rankkaan urheiluun, mutta kävelylenkeille ja jokapäiväiseen elämääni nämä on täydelliset. Omistan näitä kahdet koossa 44G (vertailuksi Elomi-merkiltä käytän UK-kokoa 42GG) ja en halua näiden ikinä kuluvan loppuun!

Muuten kun puhun Livi Active -mallistosta.. oletteko nähneet malliston uuden kampanjan? Lane Bryant on yhdistänyt voimansa neljän plussakokoisen urheilijan kanssa, ja koko kampanja ja heidän tarinansa on erittäin innostava. Kannattaa tutustua kampanjaan täällä.

** bras were sent to me by Lane Bryant, but all opinions are my own / olen saanut liivit Lane Bryantilta, mutta mielipiteeni ovat omiani **

Natural Curves: Ulla Dessous Carmen

(Postaus on yhteistyö brittiläisen Natural Curves nettikaupan kanssa, joten jätin käännöksen tekemättä. He kyllä postittavat myös Suomeen, että jos kiinnostaa ja on kysymyksiä, niin kommentoikaa ihmeessä ja mielelläni vastailen.)

Ok, let’s start this post with some TMI.. recently I had a bit of a ‘bra malfunction’ and ended up having bruises and blisters on my sides and under my boobs because of it. It was not pretty I tell you. So after that I have been on a lookout for supportive non-wired bras. (Let me clarify, the bruises and blisters weren’t underwires fault at all – but after that incident I just felt that I need to wear more comfy bras every once in a while when I know that I have a long day.)

So this brings me to few days after that and the happy surprise of me getting an email from Natural Curves. They are a lingerie website that specialises in plus-size, and has been around for 8 years. They have lingerie, nightwear, shapewear, swimwear and other from high quality brands that aren’t seen elsewhere much. But yes, they asked if I’d be interested in reviewing something from their Ulla Dessous range – and after I spotted the beautiful Carmen non-wired bra and knickers, I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

The set is handmade in Germany, and the quality is amazing. Both the bra and knickers have beautiful details, like you can see on the photos below. The bra comes with a wide band with 4 hooks fastening, and it is definitely supportive, and it lifts! I would say that it makes my boobs look just as good as an underwired bra. The cup is very full though, so this bra is a no-no with low cut necklines, as the cups come quite high. But I can tell you that this coming winter season and the layers of clothing – this will be my comfy go to bra for sure!

The sizing is a bit of a challenge though, but the website thankfully lists both UK and the manufacturers sizes, so it was fairly easy for me to make my decision. I usually wear 42GG in Elomi, 40J in Curvy Kate, and 42H in Lane Bryant, so I went with 44I in this bra. The site lists I as the equivalent of UK G, and as I’m bigger than G cup I went for the bigger back size to ensure the right cup – and I did make a right decision, as the cup is spot on! The knickers I chose in 6X, which is equivalent to UK 26. Now they are a bit snug, so I should have gone for bigger.. but they are still wearable :).

I’m looking forward to comfier long days now, and if you want to check out new brands or are looking for something similar like me (don’t we all want some underwireless days sometimes haha), definitely give Natural Curves a try.

** the set was gifted to me for a review, but the comments and opinions are my own **

What’s Underneath

(postaus on yhteistyö amerikkalaisen Lane Bryantin kanssa, joten jätin käännöksen tekemättä)

I admit, there are a lot more options for us busty ladies to find gorgeous lingerie these days than a few years back. But there’s one type still lacking.. padded bras for large sizes! I’m in no need of padding when it comes to size, there’s enough extra, haha, but I personally love the shape and comfort that padded bras provide.

I was recently sent a few bra sets to try from Cacique at Lane Bryant, who do a lot of padded bras in large sizes. I asked all my bras to be sent in size 42H and panties in US 22/24. (For reference I wear 42GG in Elomi and 40J in Curvy Kate.) In two sets the size was spot on, but one bra was too small. Below I show you two of them.

So this Smooth Boost Plunge Bra is an actual unicorn for me! It is padded AND the central core is really low. This basically never happens in my size! My boobs are far apart, so this is actually closest I can get to a cleavage like this, so you can imagine that I am in love with this bra! The straps are padded too, so they don’t dig in your shoulders, and the creamy colour of the bra is lovely. (This bra is actually available in amazing 13 colours/prints at the moment, there’s something for everyone.)

This sexy Strappy Back Demi Bra comes in red, black and white, and it has a stunning back detail (see below). This bra was a bit hard to get on because of the back, but it did look lovely – to be honest I felt it went to waste as I don’t have a boyfriend haha! The Hipster Panties are super gorgeous as well, really loved them!

Have you tried Cacique lingerie? And are you with me on the fact that we need more padded bras in large sizes here in the UK?

** the bra sets were gifted to me for a review, but opinions are my own **

#BraHumbug – my bra sins

(Tämä on yhteistyö-postaus Simply Be:n kanssa, joten jätin käännöksen tekemättä)

I honestly believe that most women commit sins when it comes to their bras. Actually the biggest sin is that most women have no clue that they are wearing the wrong size! Simply Be has listed some of these sins in their blog post about when is the time to trade in your old bra, and in my post here I tell you what are the sins that I commit.. Because even though I do know my right size, I still do commit a fair few.

I’m one of those women who has a lingerie drawer full of bras, but keep rotating the same few ones over and over again – it’s really bad, and today I actually reached for a bra on the bottom and realised that I haven’t worn it in at least a year. I will have to try to do that more often, I mean I choose my outfit for the next day on the evening before, so I will try to stop this sin by making sure I change the bra too haha.

One sin that I probably can never get rid of is washing my bras in the washing machine.. and that’s about that. I’m not going to lie and say that I’ll try, because I KNOW it won’t happen ;)

But yes, the bra you can see in the photo above must be my biggest sin when it comes to bras. I got it over 2 years ago in a Lane Bryant event goodie bag in NYC, and it has never been the right size for me. The back is too big, and the cups are a bit too small, the straps dig in my shoulders, BUT the bra gives me better cleavage than any other bra I own – I just can’t get rid of it! I think the wires have poked out 3 times each side and I have sewn them back in.. and reading this now makes me think that I definitely should dump it.. I just need to find that cleavage creating bra first ;)!!!

** this post is written in association with Simply Be **

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