Miss Finland

(Suomeksi alla)

Hello from Finland! I arrived here on Thursday, and it is lovely to be home :). It’s sunny and gorgeous, and I can’t wait to go for a swim in a lake! I can’t believe that I get to stay here for two more weeks, which is the longest I’ve been here since I moved to London. *happy times*

I have loads of outfit photos that I have taken earlier (about 7 posts worth or so.. whoa), but I really want to share yesterday’s outfit with you today. I went to Helsinki to meet some friends, and wore this cute Junarose-dress. I decided to accessorise the blue dress with white – Finland’s flag colours – hence the name of this post, haha. I had a really nice day, Helsinki really is the perfect summer city, I had really missed it.

Dress / Mekko*: 26, Junarose (also on sale at ASOS) | Shoes / Kengät: Primark (similar) | Bag / Laukku: borrowed from mom – äidiltä lainattu (similar) | Rings / Sormukset: Primark (similar) | Lipstick / Huulipuna*: Lord & Berry Twistick in Arizona | Nail polish / Kynsilakka*: Topshop Nails in Mannequin

Heippa täältä koti-Siuntiosta! Tulin Suomeen torstaina, ja on kyllä ihana olla kotona :). Ilma on niin upea ja aurinkoinen, en malta odottaa, että pääsen pulahtamaan järveen! Mulle on ihan uskomatonta, että saan olla täällä vielä kaksi viikkoa, pisin aika mitä olen ollut Suomessa muuttoni jälkeen. Jee!

Mulla on koneella ihan hirveästi asukuvia joita en ole vielä postannut (ainakin 7 postauksen verran.. huh), mutta halusin ehdottomasti postaa eilisen asuni nyt ensin. Postauksen nimen takana on siis se, että en voinut olla valitsematta valkoisia asusteita tämän sinisen Junarose-mekon kanssa.. varsinainen Miss Suomi, haha ;). Kävin eilen siis Helsingissä tapaamassa kavereita, ja oli tosi kiva päivä. Helsinki on kyllä niin mun lemppari kesäkaupunki, oli ollut jo ikävä.


*denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu

Prom Memories

(Tämä postaus on yhteistyö, joka keskittyy Brittien prom-juhliin, joten jätin käännöksen tekemättä.)

The Evolution of the Prom Dress by New Look is an infographic (below) that tells more about how the styles of prom dresses in the UK has changed in the past decades. It is interesting for me to see, as in Finland we have different tradition when it comes to school dances…

In Finland our ‘prom’ is actually called something like ‘the dance of the Old’s’, which is a dance that 11th year students have to celebrate that they are now the oldest in the school after the 12th years have left for their study break before their finals. And it is a proper old style dance, where boys wear tuxedos and girls dress in gowns that look like something that a princess could have worn in 1500’s or something, haha (depending on family’s budget of course). Girls get their hair and makeup done professionally, and the dances themselves are old types of ballroom dances and it’s all pre-choreographed. Last song is usually a waltz that dads dance with their daughters and mums with their sons. So yes, very different from the UK prom ;).

My own ‘prom’ was half of my life ago, on year 1996, oh my God. I had a gorgeous green velvet and black lace gown made for mine, and I still have it. Hopefully one day I will have an occasion to wear it to.. just need to have it altered first, as some parts of it are VERY old fashioned. Our class had way more girls than boys, so there was 7 pairs that were both girls in our dance – and I was one of these pairs with my friend Anna. I was the one who danced like the boys, so that is the reason why I still can’t dance waltz or something, as I feel that I need to lead :D! Tragic really ;).

So what if I had my prom now? I guess I would go with the grecian inspired styles from the graphic above, and choose this coral number from New Look Inspire, and accessorise it with nude heels and nails, silver earrings and coral lipstick.

How was your prom? What did you wear?

** written in association with New Look **

#FWThrowback competition

(Valitettavasti kilpailu on avoin vain Iso-Britanniassa asuville, joten jätin käännöksen tekemättä.)

Have you seen this throwback competition around in your social medias? It is a fun photo competition from Fashion World, where you are asked to recreate a summer holiday photo from your childhood. By posting your photo on Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #FWThrowback, you could win £150’ worth of items from the Fashion World swimwear and holiday collections! That is indeed an awesome prize, and recreating the photo will be a fun trip down memory lane :).

I found some cute childhood photos of myself on holiday, like those two above. I am actually SAD that I can’t recreate these today, and I do have reasons for that.. I’d love to go swimming, but there’s no one to take a photo like that – and it is a bit chilly actually, haha. And as much as I’d want my – way taller than me – 32 year old little brother sitting on my lap, HAHA, he unfortunately is back home in Finland. But I also found the one below, taken at my aunt’s yard when I was about 4 years old… And next to it is my recreation, just a few years later ;D

Now hit your photoalbums and recreate your own, but hurry, as the competition ends at midnight on Thursday 19th June. Looking forward to seeing your entries under #FWThrowback :)!

** competition only open to UK residents **
** written in association with Fashion World **

I Am A Woman

(Suomeksi alla)

So people, how do you feel about slogan tees? I’m not a huge fan myself, but when Danish brand Zizzi sent me this campaign tee, I really couldn’t wait to wear it. With all this #YesAllWomen business going on currently (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please see this link), I feel that this tee suits perfectly. This quote from model Denise Bidot is a great message for us all to remember.. short, tall, fat, skinny, black, white, boyish, girly, etc.. There really is NO wrong way to be a woman, and we all are ok just as we are <3.

T-shirt / T-paita*: L, Zizzi | Skirt / Hame: 12, ASOS | Shoes / Kengät: ASOS (similar, similar) | Clutch / Laukku: Dorothy Perkins (hologram clutches on eBay) | Necklace / Kaulakoru: Daisy & Eve at Evans | Glasses / Rillit: Select Specs | Lipstick / Huulipuna: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Audacious | Nail polish / Kynsilakka*: Bio Sculpture Varnish in 172, Favela Sunrise

Mitäs olette mieltä t-paidoista joissa on joku teksti tai slogan? Itse en paljoa niistä välitä, mutta kun Zizzi lähetti minulle tämän kampanja-paidan, niin en malttanut odottaa sen käyttöönottoa. Tällä hetkellä puhutaan niin paljon syistä miksi tarvitsemme feminismiä ja kuinka yhteiskunta edelleen kohtelee naisia (esimerkkinä Twitterin #YesAllWomen-hashtag, josta enemmän englanniksi täällä), niin tämän t-paidan teksti sopii kyllä tilanteeseen loistavasti. Teksti on lainaus Zizzin mallilta Denise Bidotilta, ja suora käännös on “Olemassa ei ole väärää tapaa olla nainen”. Olemmepa lyhyitä, pitkiä, lihavia, laihoja, mustia, valkoisia, poikamaisia, tyttömäisiä, yms.. niin täytyy muistaa että kaikki nämä ovat ok. Kaikki me olemme naisia <3.

* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu

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