My Essential Trousers

(Tämä postaus on yhteistyö Fashion Worldin kanssa, ja jätin käännöksen tekemättä, koska he eivät valitettavasti toimita Suomeen.)

Fashion World have created an infographic about 4 essential types of trousers every woman needs in their wardrobe. They asked which one is my favourite and also asked if I’d want to give the reasons why, and if I could give some styling tips. There’s two things missing (or unworn) in my wardrobe that are a part of the infographic (high-waisted jeans and printed trousers), and on my personal list there would have been boyfriend jeans and joggers instead of them. My ultimate favourite was there though, and that is skinny jeans! Below is a graphic they created for my blog, and you can read my reasons and styling tips in there :).

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Parks and Kimonos

(Suomeksi alla)

As a plus-size woman it is always great to get more options where to shop, so I was happy to hear that Wallis have added a plus-size collection by Live Unlimited to their offering. The collection comes in UK sizes 16-24, and it has been available for a few weeks now. I was asked if I’d like to try a few pieces, and I chose this kimono-style jacket and black kaftan top. I feel that the sizing of the jacket is quite small, especially in the back and top of arms, but otherwise it is a lovely piece. The kaftan feels true to size to me. As Live Unlimited pieces usually are, these items feel luxurious and the print of the jacket is gorgeous.

ps. I apologise for the blurry photos, we were totally losing the daylight :/

Kimono*: 24, Live Unlimited for Wallis | Top / Paita*: 24, Live Unlimited for Wallis | Jeans / Farkut*: 28, Evans | Shoes / Kengät: Primark (similar) | Necklace / Kaulakoru*: Topshop (similar) | Lipstick / Huulipuna: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Brazen Berry

Se, että löytyy uusia shoppaus-paikkoja plussa-kokoisille naisille on aina hyvä uutinen, eikö? On siis ilo kertoa teille, että brittiläinen ketju Wallis on lisännyt valikoimiinsa Live Unlimitedin vaatteista koostuvan plussa-malliston. Mallisto on tarjolla kokohaarukassa 44-52, ja se on ollut netissä saatavilla nyt parisen viikkoa. Minulta kysyttiin, jos haluaisin kokeilla mallistoa, ja valitsin tämän kimono-tyylisen takin ja mustan paidan. Takin koko tuntuu kyllä pienemmältä kuin normaalisti, varsinkin selästä ja käsivarren yläosasta, mutta muuten se on oikein kiva vaate. Paidan koko taasen tuntuu mielestäni oikealta. Vaatteissa on luksus-fiilis, kuten Live Unlimitedin vaatteissa yleensä, ja takin printti on todella kaunis.

ps. Anteeksi kuvien laadusta.. Taisteltiin pimeyttä vastaan ja tässä tulos :/


*denotes a gifted item / *tuote blogin kautta saatu

Checks and Blue Tones

(Suomeksi alla)

I already talked about the Look Magazine for Simply Be collection in this post, and I mentioned that I had another favourite item left to post. Well here it is, and it is the amazing grid print coat :)! This coat is a lovely and stylish piece, and it is absolute perfection with jeans.

For these pics Mayah and I went to a place where we wanted to shoot pics for ages, a street in Kentish Town that has these cute colourful houses. A few cats kept walking to us and wanted to be in our pics too, so you get some feline friends as extras ;).

Coat / Takki*: 20, Look Magazine for Simply Be (EU link, US link) | Shirt / Paita: 26, ASOS Curve (similar) | Tank top / Toppi*: XXL, Junarose | Jeggings: 26, Yours (similar) | Boots / Saappaat*: Simply Be (similarish) | Bag / Laukku: Primark (similar) | Long necklace / Pitkä kaulakoru*: Topshop (similar) | H-necklace / H-kaulakoru: Primark | Rings / Sormukset*: Topshop | Lipstick / Huulipuna*: NV Colour Lipstick in Siren

Kerroin teille Look Magazine for Simply Be-mallistosta jo tässä postauksessa, ja mainitsin, että toinen lempparini on vielä tulossa blogiin. Ja tässä se nyt sitten on, tämä aivan ihana ruudukko-printti takki :)! Tämä takki on kiva, trendikäs vaate, ja ihan täydellinen farkkujen kanssa.

Mayah ja minä kuvattiin tämä asu paikassa, jonne ollaan jo kauan haluttu mennä ottamaan asukuvia. Tämä söpö katu sijaitsee Kentish Townissa, ja sen varrella on pelkkiä värikkäitä taloja. Pari kissaa liittyi heti seuraamme ja änkivät kuviin puoliväkisin, joten saatte nyt extrana vähän kissoja sitten ;).


*denotes a gifted item / *tuote blogin kautta saatu

Evans Shape Stylists

(Tämä postaus on yhteistyö Evansin kanssa, ja koska Evans ei tarjoa tätä palvelua EU-sivustollaan, niin päätin jättää käännöksen tekemättä. Asu-tiedot myös suomeksi kuvien alla.)

When you’re online shopping, do you wish that you’d be able to touch the fabrics, find out how the garments fit, or just to have general styling advice? Well, Evans has recently launched an online Shape Stylist-service on their site, and this gives you a chance to talk to someone and ask questions and recommendations. All the stylists are actual store staff, so they have seen and felt the clothes in real life and can give you great pointers on the fit and styling.

Evans offered me a chance to try this service and to review the outfit I ordered after the chat. As I know my style, and what kind of fit I need for different parts of my body, I thought that it would be quite problematic for me to use this service.. But I decided to have an open mind and give it a try.

When you go to the Evans website on times when stylist service is available you see a banner on the right that asks if you want style advice. If you click that, a chat-window opens and tells you the name of your stylist. My stylist was Vicky, and because of the fact that I know my style and what I actually wanted to my wardrobe, I gave her quite specific questions and tasks. I told her that I’m looking for a bright winter coat, skinny jeans that would actually be proper skinny on the legs, and a nice sweater to go with them. Vicky politely asked me to wait and said she’ll have a look and send me links soon.

First she sent me towards a pale coral collarless coat, which was lovely, but I said that I would prefer one that is possibly even brighter and has a collar. Then she sent me a link to this orange beauty, and I was sold. I asked her about the fit, and told her that I have a big belly and small shoulders, and she recommended me to go for the size for my shoulders and just wear it open. For the jeans Vicky told me about Evans’ new Ultra Stretchy Skinny Jeans, and sent me a link to the blue pair. I asked what colours it came in and decided to go with the black. Vicky also adviced me to size up one size, as the jeans come a bit small. These jeans come in short, regular and long lengths. I went with short, and the length is exactly right for me (I rolled them up for this outfit though). They also are very skinny on the leg, but personally I’d like the ankle to be a bit tighter still.. But still definitely the skinniest jeans that I have managed to find – thank you Evans! As for the sweater I mentioned to Vicky that I saw some cute ones in Cosmo, and she sent me a link to this sweater, and she also adviced me to take my usual size (but I ended up taking one size up, as I wanted a baggy look). I still had some money left in my budget and I asked Vicky for some recommendations for bracelets and rings (as we both agreed that necklace wouldn’t be needed because of the sequin detail of the sweater). She sent me several links and I decided to go with this ring stack. We both thought that this combination would be a cute outfit, and here it is for you to see. I just added orange lipstick, a pair of fringed ankle boots and a long top underneath the sweater, otherwise it is the one Vicky and I chose. What do you think?

Coat / Takki*: 24, Evans | Sweater / College*: 26/28, Evans | Jeans / Farkut*: 28s, Evans | Boots / Saappaat: Evans – past season | Rings / Sormukset*: Evans | Lipstick / Huulipuna: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Audacious

If you are interested in trying this service, the online shape stylists are available on Monday-Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday 3pm-7pm and Sunday 5pm-9pm  You can find out more information on the service here.


* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu

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