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(Postaus on yhteistyö brittiläisen sivuston kanssa, joten jätin käännöksen tekemättä.)

I have been wearing so many Evans trousers this year that it is actually ridiculous. So when I was putting this wishlist together I first had only trousers in it haha, but decided to add other stuff in as well ;). Evans has quite a few of cute bits at the moment, and I especially love the flowery trousers and the bardot maxi dress. They also have amazing shoes at the moment, and you will see quite a few of those in my coming posts. Had to add the loafers to this wishlist though as I LOOOOVE THEM.

Are you seeing bits that you like at Evans at the moment? If so, you can find great discount codes for Evans at My Favourite Voucher Codes. They list a lot of discount codes and each month they give 20% of their net profits to charity – so you save, and help some brilliant charities at the same time, what’s not to love!

Black Pom Pom Bardot Tunic | White Cutout Tie Sleeve Bardot Top | Nude Mule Loafers | Blue and Red Floral Print Tapered Leg Trousers | Black and White Stripe Shirt | Navy Woven Joggers | Navy Blue Striped Wide Leg Trousers | Navy Short Sleeve Maxi Dress

** post written in association with My Favourite Voucher Codes **


(Suomeksi alla)

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the launch of the new M&S CURVE range from Marks & Spencer. I was especially excited about the fact that my fave Danie had designed two dresses for the collection, and her dresses certainly didn’t disappoint.

Danie in one of the dresses she designed for the M&S Curve range

The range in general has a lot of great quality basics, excellent work wear pieces and I think there is something for everyone within the range. Great to see good quality pieces in sizes 18-30, AND they are also available in stores, which is a lovely addition to what is available for plus sizes on high street! My own personal favourites along with Danie’s dresses 1 and 2 are the sleeveless khaki trench, this lovely white shirt and the timeless trench.

The item I got straight away was the sleeveless dress designed by Danie, and I decided to team it with wine patent boots and satin trench, along with a wine lippy of course. I love how the dress combines two fabrics, and is more form-fitting on one side and floaty on the other. What do you think?

Dress / Mekko*: 26, M&S Curve | Trench / Takki*: 26, Elvi via navabi (similar) | Boots / Nilkkurit: Simply Be | Lipstick / Huulipuna*: Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in 310, Berry Much

Parisen viikkoa sitten sain kutsun uuden Marks & Spencerin M&S CURVE -malliston esikatseluun. Olin erityisen kiinnostunut näkemään lemppari-bloggaajani Danien (kuvassa postauksen alussa) mallistoon suunnittelemat kaksi mekkoa, ja en todellakaan ollut pettynyt mekkoihin.

Mallisto kokonaisuudessaan sisältää paljon huippulaadukkaita perusvaatteita, erityisesti toimistotyötä tekeville on loistavia työvaatteita tarjolla. Mielestäni mallistosta löytyi jotakin jokaiseen makuun. On hienoa nähdä laadukkaita vaatteita UK-kokoskaalassa 18-30 (EU 46-58), JA niitä on täällä Britanniassa tarjolla myös M&S tavarataloissa, kuten esim. Lontoon Oxford Streetillä. (M&S toimittaa netistä muuten Suomeenkin, postikulujen hinta on 7.50 puntaa – eli n. 8 euroa.) Omat lempparini olivat Danien mekot 1 ja 2hihaton khakinvihreä trenssi, tämä ihana valkoinen paita ja aina klassinen beige trenssi.

Vaate jonka valitsin itselleni heti, oli Danien suunnittelema hihaton musta mekko, ja asukuviin yhdistin sen viininpunaisiin nilkkureihin ja satiinitrenssiin, sekä tietysti lisäsin viininpunaisen huulipunan. Tykkään, että mekossa yhdistyy kaksi eri kangasta, ja että se on toiselta puolelta enemmän vartalonmyötäinen, ja toiselta tuollainen roikkuvampi. Mitä olette te mieltä?


* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu

** written in association with M&S but opinions are my own as always **

Be a Looker

(Tämä on yhteistyö Looker appin kanssa, ja koska appia ei valitettavasti saa ladattua Suomessa, jätin käännöksen tekemättä.)

Have you heard of Looker yet? Looker is an app that you can get for your phone/tablet from App Store (for Apple devices) and Google Play. Looker is bringing a new and different aspect to fashion related social media, that at least to me is really refreshing.

What is different about it then? Well first of all there is no pressure of ‘doing better than the others’ – no one can see how many followers you have got but you, and even you can’t see who your followers are. So there goes the pressure to follow back as well. Every user of Looker gets to build a ‘Style Team’ of 20 Looker-users who either dress similar to you or are similar look and size or just inspire you, and you can easily see the outfits they post. However you can always look for others using their username or characteristics – and you can always change who is in your Style Team if you want to.

So what do you do on Looker? You post your outfits and can provide links to other Lookers to buy your outfit if they are inspired to do so. When you have been added to 10 Style Teams you get 1% commission for the things your photos sell, with that going up to maximum of 5% with every 10 Style Teams you gain. So with Looker you don’t have to be a blogger or influencer to be able to earn commission of sales – it doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 97865 followers, you can still earn commission.. all this without no one except Looker HQ knowing how many followers you actually have. Definitely less pressure :)!

Oh, and can’t forget this important bit (at least to me, as I keep blocking a lot of men on my socials):  Looker is only for women. Just women inspiring each other. As Looker HQ puts it:

There’s no competition with others, it’s a community helping fellow women in the common pursuit of dressing well.

Download Looker for free on App Store or Google Play and get started! You can find me on Looker by searching Hanna Wears, along with ready to shop link to this fab shirt dress and similar links to other items :).

** this post is sponsored by Looker, but my opinions on the app are 100% my own **

Stop existing, start living

(Postaus on yhteistyö brittiläisen hyväntekeväisyysjärjestön kanssa, joten jätin käännöksen tekemättä. Asu-info normaalisti kuvien alla.)

I have heard from people (who I later became friends with) that I can seem aggressive and bitchy, which is fair enough if you meet me at events/things, as I don’t feel very comfortable in crowds and with new people, so I just spend time alone or with people I already know. So what people might not know is that I’m actually a very sensitive and kind person, hence I chose this t-shirt when The Big Issue Shop contacted me and wanted to gift me something. The Big Issue Shop sells clothing, accessories, gifts and homeware from companies that are a part of Social Enterprises – which makes their slogan ‘Shopping with a Social Echo’ :). I do like to help charities and social issues whenever I can, so I will definitely keep the shop on my radar!

Trench / Takki*: 24, boohoo+ (similar) | T-shirt / T-paita*: XXXL, The Big Issue Shop | Skirt / Hame*: XL, Zizzi (similar) | Shoes / Kengät: New Look (similar) | Hat / Hattu: Primark (similar) | Lipstick / Huulipuna*: Maybelline Color Drama Intense Lip Paint in Vamped Up


* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu

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