Perfect pamper day

(Kylpyläreissu ja illallinen saatu yhteistyössä Entertainer App:in kanssa, ja koska kyseessä on Lontoon applikaatio, jätin käännöksen tekemättä.)

A couple of weeks ago Mayah and I got a lovely invite for a spa day and dinner from The Entertainer App, and there was no way we would have turned that down. Both of us have been needing relaxation and pampering, so this was the perfect invitation.

We started the day at Spa Verta in Battersea, where we were booked for half an hour massages. The relaxation area where we waited was gorgeous and calming, and we got to enjoy delicious coffees – as we simply can’t function without coffees in the morning haha.

I haven’t had a massage in yeeeeeeeears, and if you are a long time reader, you might remember I had a shoulder injury… so there was a bit of worry in my excitement. My therapist was lovely though, and I wish the treatment would have been longer!

After the massages we had access to the spa area, and spent hours between 3 saunas (Finnish sauna, sanarium and steam room) and the hydrotherapy pool enjoying the jacuzzi jets. Seriously I loved this so much, I wish I could go every week! Mayah and I keep talking about the day though, so I’m sure we’ll go back soon.

After the spa day we got to go for dinner at the Soho Indian restaurant, The Red Fort. I loved the dark red and black decor from the second we walked in. We picked a nice South African white wine (that ended up being a GREAT choice) and hit the menu.

I went with murgh seekh for starter, which was spiced roasted minced chicken skewers with ginger, garlic, coriander and cumin. I ate them with the mango chutney and they were lovely, but very spicy. (Haha, I might have gotten my face all sweaty because of that.) And for my main I got murgh malai, which was chicken tikka pieces marinated with cardamom with rice and naan.

My favourite part of the dinner was the dessert though – that rich chocolate mousse was aaaaaamazing! Also a bar called Zenna is located in the basement of The Red Fort, so that is a perfect place for those after dinner drinks.

All in all the day was just what Mayah and I needed, and if you want to do something similar with your best friend – The Entertainer App is full of great 2 for 1 deals that get you all the pampering and entertainment you and your bestie could want for half the price!

** massage, spa day, dinner and drinks were gifted to me by The Entertainer, but opinions are my own **

I see you standing, I see you dancing

(Suomeksi alla)

I was recently contacted by a German brand, Ulla Popken. The brand is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, and I have seen it around in German blogs that I follow. They asked if I’d like to give their clothes a go and choose an outfit from their new brand YU by Ulla Popken, and like this post shows – I did :). I went for a parka, top and a denim skirt, and they make up a nice casual outfit. The sizing is pretty spot on, and the clothes are comfy on.

The other thing.. these glasses from Glasses Direct! How great are they? I feel like they were meant for me after I dyed my hair haha.

Coat / Takki*: 26-28, YU by Ulla Popken | Top / Paita*: 26, YU by Ulla Popken | Skirt / Hame*: 26, YU by Ulla Popken | Tights / Sukkikset: XXL, Primark Fuller Figure Tights | Shoes / Kengät*: Ecco via Shoes International | Lipstick / Huulipuna*: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 955, Craving Coral | Glasses / Silmälasit: London Retro Bromley via Glasses Direct

Saksalainen merkki Ulla Popken otti minuun yhteyttä jokin aika sitten. Merkki juhlii tänä vuonna 30-vuotissynttäreitään, ja olen nähnyt merkin vaatteita aiemmin seuraamieni saksalaisten bloggaajien asuissa. He kysyivät, jos haluaisin valita asun heidän uudesta YU by Ulla Popken -merkistään, ja päädyin tähän yhdistelmään :). Takki, paita ja farkkuhame, jotka yhdessä ovat ihan kiva arkiasu.

Ja toinen juttu.. nämä lasit Glasses Directiltä! Siis ihanat, eikö? Tuntuu, että ne sopii tosi hyvin tähän uuteen hiusten väriin heh.

* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu

I’m not made of stone

(Suomeksi alla)

The past few weeks have been a bit hard on me for various reasons, but visiting London Fashion Week with Maybelline last weekend was a lovely distraction for me. I wore this cute Darlene velvet dress that was sent to me by Beloved Endeavour. The brand was born from blogger Diane‘s love of vintage, but as it is seen on me – can be worn by non-vintage girls too! (Fun fact: Diane’s blog was one of the first plus-blogs I ever found.) The dress is size 24, and it is pretty stretchy and roomy, as I’m more of a 26-28 myself. I wore the dress with a pussybow blouse from navabi, patent shoes and a backpack from Primark. And of course had to finish it with Maybelline lips ;).

Dress / Mekko*: 24, Beloved Endeavour | Blouse / Paita*: 28, Manon Baptiste via navabi | Tights / Sukkikset: XXL, Primark Fuller Figure Tights | Shoes / Kengät: New Look (similar) | Bag / Laukku: Primark (similar) | Lips / Huulet*: Maybelline Baby Lips in Chai Tea Latte

Viimeiset pari viikkoa eivät ole olleet kovin helppoja monestakin syystä, mutta viime lauantain visiitti Lontoon muotiviikoille Maybellinen vieraana oli mukava poikkeus. Asuni pääosa oli Darlene samettimekko, jonka sain Beloved Endeavour-merkiltä. Merkki syntyi bloggaaja Dianen rakkaudesta vintageen, mutta kuten itse todistan, on helposti myös ei yleensä vintagea käyttävien naisten puettavissa (Pieni fakta: Dianen blogi oli muuten ensimmäisiä plussa-blogeja joita aikoinaan löysin.) Mekko on kokoa UK 24, ja se on joustava ja mahtuu suuremmillekkin, sillä itsekin olen enemmän 26-28 kokoa. Lisäsin asuun navabin paitapuseron, ‘kiiltonahka’ kengät ja repun Primarkista. Ja tietysti lopuksi huulipuna Maybellinelta ;).

* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu

You’ve awoken me

(Suomeksi alla)

These outfit pics were taken the next day after I dyed my hair, and I thought to wear this turtle neck top with the ‘matching’ hair :). Honestly I have been ‘umm’ing and ‘ahh’ing about going blonde for YEARS, but have been too chicken to actually do it. And I’m so happy I finally did! I will go to the salon again to go to a lighter shade in a few weeks, and maybe after that there will be pastel shades etc. We’ll see ;)!

Top / Poolo: 24, Elvi | Skirt / Hame*: 26, DP Curve (similar) | Tights / Sukkikset: XXL, Primark Fuller Figure Tights | Boots / Nilkkurit: Simply Be | Bag / Laukku*: Simply Be (similar) | Necklace / Koru*: Freedom at Topshop (similar) | Lipstick / Huulipuna*: Maybelline Color Sensational Loaded Lipstick in Midnight Merlot

Nämä asukuvat otettiin päivä sen jälkeen kun värjäsin hiukseni, ja ajattelin ‘sovittaa’ paidan värin hiusten väriin :). Olen oikeasti miettinyt blondia vuosikausia, mutta en ole uskaltanut värjätä. Onneksi vihdoin uskalsin, sillä TYKKÄÄN! Menen kampaajalle uudelleen jokusen viikon päästä, jolloin väri menee vielä vaaleammaksi, saas nähdä jos pastellit yms. tapahtuu tulevaisuudessa ;).


* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu

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