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Tell ’em that it’s human nature

(Suomeksi alla)

Some girls are attracted to shiny things – my current thing seems to be extreme ruffles though. I would want anything and everything with ruffles, but (un)fortunately I don’t have the funds or the closet space for this obsession haha! When I saw this shirt though, I had to have it. I LOVE mustard yellow, and the ruffle details just called for me *insert heart eyes emoji*.

ALSO I have to mention these boots! I got them from Primark and they were reduced to SIX POUNDS!!! They are the comfiest boots to wear as the heel is actually a great height for walking – now I wish there was plain black version of the exact same boots for more long lasting wear!

How do you feel about ruffles? And the embroidered boots trend? I have friends who are not into them, but I guess I’m into it in their behalf as well ;).

Shirt / Paita: 26, AX Paris | Skirt / Hame*: 26, DP Curve (similar) | Boots / Nilkkurit: Primark (similar) | Lipstick / Huulipuna*: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 157, More to Adore

Monia naisia houkuttelee kiiltävät tai kimaltavat asiat – minun nykyinen ihastukseni on isot röyhelöt. Haluaisin kaikki mahdolliset röyhelövaatteet, mutta onneksi (tai harmikseni haha) rahatilanteeni tai vaatekaappitilani ei anna minun hankkia kaikkea! Mutta kun näin tämän paidan, oli pakko tehdä ostos. RAKASTAN sinapinkeltaista, ja tämä iso röyhelö kutsui minua ihan liikaa ;).

Minun on myös PAKKO mainita nämä nilkkurit! Sain ne Primarkin alennusrekistä KUUDELLA PUNNALLA!!! Ne ovat erittäin mukavat käytössä, sillä korko ei ole liian korkea ja sopii kävelyyn – nyt toivon juuri näitä samoja saappaita perus mustana, ne olisivat ihan täydelliset!

Mitäs olette mieltä röyhelöistä? Entä kukallisista saappaista? Kaveriporukassani on naisia, jotka eivät välitä kummastakaan.. ehkä minä tykkään sitten heidänkin puolestaan ;D!


* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu

Review: AX Paris Curve dress

I guess you all saw how excited I was about the new plus size line by AX Paris, and I ordered 2 dresses straight away. The next day I was asked by AX Paris if I wanted to review an item for them. So, even though I had just ordered those dresses, I still jumped at the chance and happily said yes!

And I’m really glad I did! The dresses I ordered myself were Bird Print Zip Front Dress and Lace Over Lay 3/4 Sleeve Dress. The bird print one was absolutely amazing, I loved the shape, and the fact that it’s really unique. Sadly it was way too small for me in the bust. I ordered it in 22, which is usually my size for fitted dresses, but there was about 20cm’s gap in my bust.. so no way that I could have closed the zip (there is no stretch in the fabric at all). *enter sad face* And the lace dress then, somehow I thought that the lace bit would be tighter, so I ordered that in size 24. Guess what? Too big! So I had to send both of the lovely dresses back :(.

I was anxious to see if the one I was gifted would be the right size. The dress I got was Split Sleeve Spot Two In One Dress, and I got it in size 24, because I thought that the bottom part of it might be really tight. Turns out it’s not, it’s quite loose, so I should have taken it in 22. But well, how could I know, it’s a new plus line that I haven’t tried before! But once I had it on properly and looked in the mirror.. I didn’t care! I love the dress, it’s definitely one of the prettiest dresses I own. I would wear it to a party with beautiful nude heels, contacts (my glasses are not that party-like), a nude clutch (I WANT ONE NOW!) and navy tights. Here I have dressed it down with light brown wedge booties and my beloved denim jacket.

Yes, split sleeves…

…that are pretty and huge…

…and are held together by that one sewn point

I have freakishly short arms, so the sleeves are too long for me. But I bind them with ponytailers and they’re not seen between the fabric ruffles (except in this pic obviously). Problem solved!

I’m not sure if this pic makes much sense, but I tried to show that the dress doesn’t have a slip, but like a vest underneath the sheer top.

I love this dress, and I will surely dress it up for summer parties, and dress it down with my denim jacket when it’s a bit colder. So all I need is that nude clutch ;)!

Even though I love this dress, I have to mention that I’m sad with what happened with the other two, and what has happened to other bloggers who ordered. The sizing is not consistent, and I hope that AX Paris would add size charts to their Curve items, that would surely be helpful to many ladies who want to order. I think it’s even more important since the line is new, and no one knows the sizing.

The dress was gifted for me to review, and I was not paid to give a positive review. All the opinions are my own.

Curve: new plus size line from AX Paris

I was on my way to bed when I saw news on Twitter that AX Paris has launched a plus size line. So yeah, HAD TO go and look!

The first thing I saw was of course the name of the line, ‘Curve’, which is also the name of ASOS plus size line.. but if I forget that and look at the clothes themselves: I’m loving what I’m seeing. To be honest some of the stuff is not for me (and some of them are ‘lovedrobeish’), and some I absolutely LOVE… but that basically means that there’s something for everyone. Most of all I’m happy that this is a collection that has sizes 16-26, and it is not stuff that has been designed for hiding fat bodies. There’s lace, bodycon dresses, animal prints, bright colours, patterns, you name it. And I’m definitely giving a chance to a brand who does all that instead of wanting to hide our bodies in shapeless, black sacks.

Here are a few my faves from the line, but you can take a look at it all in here.

Bird Print Zip Front Dress, £30

Lace Over Lay 3/4 Sleeve Dress, £38

Navy Polka Dot Chiffon Floaty Dress, £40

Split Sleeve Spot Two In One Dress, £38

TP Printed Smock, £32

I’m pretty excited here! What do you think of the line? Will you give AX Paris Curve a try? I most certainly will!

edit: Already ordered the first two dresses (zipped bird print and lace bodycon)! Can’t wait to get them!

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