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#BraHumbug – my bra sins

(Tämä on yhteistyö-postaus Simply Be:n kanssa, joten jätin käännöksen tekemättä)

I honestly believe that most women commit sins when it comes to their bras. Actually the biggest sin is that most women have no clue that they are wearing the wrong size! Simply Be has listed some of these sins in their blog post about when is the time to trade in your old bra, and in my post here I tell you what are the sins that I commit.. Because even though I do know my right size, I still do commit a fair few.

I’m one of those women who has a lingerie drawer full of bras, but keep rotating the same few ones over and over again – it’s really bad, and today I actually reached for a bra on the bottom and realised that I haven’t worn it in at least a year. I will have to try to do that more often, I mean I choose my outfit for the next day on the evening before, so I will try to stop this sin by making sure I change the bra too haha.

One sin that I probably can never get rid of is washing my bras in the washing machine.. and that’s about that. I’m not going to lie and say that I’ll try, because I KNOW it won’t happen ;)

But yes, the bra you can see in the photo above must be my biggest sin when it comes to bras. I got it over 2 years ago in a Lane Bryant event goodie bag in NYC, and it has never been the right size for me. The back is too big, and the cups are a bit too small, the straps dig in my shoulders, BUT the bra gives me better cleavage than any other bra I own – I just can’t get rid of it! I think the wires have poked out 3 times each side and I have sewn them back in.. and reading this now makes me think that I definitely should dump it.. I just need to find that cleavage creating bra first ;)!!!

** this post is written in association with Simply Be **

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