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Perfect pamper day

(Kylpyläreissu ja illallinen saatu yhteistyössä Entertainer App:in kanssa, ja koska kyseessä on Lontoon applikaatio, jätin käännöksen tekemättä.)

A couple of weeks ago Mayah and I got a lovely invite for a spa day and dinner from The Entertainer App, and there was no way we would have turned that down. Both of us have been needing relaxation and pampering, so this was the perfect invitation.

We started the day at Spa Verta in Battersea, where we were booked for half an hour massages. The relaxation area where we waited was gorgeous and calming, and we got to enjoy delicious coffees – as we simply can’t function without coffees in the morning haha.

I haven’t had a massage in yeeeeeeeears, and if you are a long time reader, you might remember I had a shoulder injury… so there was a bit of worry in my excitement. My therapist was lovely though, and I wish the treatment would have been longer!

After the massages we had access to the spa area, and spent hours between 3 saunas (Finnish sauna, sanarium and steam room) and the hydrotherapy pool enjoying the jacuzzi jets. Seriously I loved this so much, I wish I could go every week! Mayah and I keep talking about the day though, so I’m sure we’ll go back soon.

After the spa day we got to go for dinner at the Soho Indian restaurant, The Red Fort. I loved the dark red and black decor from the second we walked in. We picked a nice South African white wine (that ended up being a GREAT choice) and hit the menu.

I went with murgh seekh for starter, which was spiced roasted minced chicken skewers with ginger, garlic, coriander and cumin. I ate them with the mango chutney and they were lovely, but very spicy. (Haha, I might have gotten my face all sweaty because of that.) And for my main I got murgh malai, which was chicken tikka pieces marinated with cardamom with rice and naan.

My favourite part of the dinner was the dessert though – that rich chocolate mousse was aaaaaamazing! Also a bar called Zenna is located in the basement of The Red Fort, so that is a perfect place for those after dinner drinks.

All in all the day was just what Mayah and I needed, and if you want to do something similar with your best friend – The Entertainer App is full of great 2 for 1 deals that get you all the pampering and entertainment you and your bestie could want for half the price!

** massage, spa day, dinner and drinks were gifted to me by The Entertainer, but opinions are my own **


(Suomeksi alla)

Every body needs exercise, no matter what your size is. I love living next to Hampstead Heath and going there for walks. I am a country girl from Finland, and I need to have greenery near me – so living next to the Heath is perfection. You can take a walk in a forest and pretty fields, but you still see the gorgeous city skyline. Best of both worlds if you ask me :).

When Lane Bryant sent me an outfit from their new active wear range, Livi Active, I braved the wind and dragged Mayah out with me ;). The jacket, top and leggings are all great quality, and they feel like proper technical active wear. I can tell that I will use these a lot, they are comfy, but still feel like they keep you in place.. for example the leggings are really high waisted on me, and they feel like a sports bra for your belly, haha, which is amazing really!

Jacket / Takki*: 22/24 US, Lane Bryant | Tank top / Toppi*: 26/28 US, Lane Bryant | Leggings*: 22/24 US, Lane Bryant | Trainers / Lenkkarit*: Hi-Tec | Beanie / Pipo: New Look | Gloves / Hanskat: Primark

Jokainen kroppa tarvitsee liikuntaa, on kropan koko sitten mikä tahansa. Liikunta mitä itse harrastan eniten on kävely, enimmäkseen koska se on ilmaista, ja koska asun yhden Lontoon suurimmista puistoista vieressä. Olen kuitenkin maalaistyttö Suomesta, ja tarvitsen lähelleni vehreyttä ja metsää – ja Hampstead Heath tarjoaa tätä. Voit lähteä metsään ja niityille kävelylle, mutta taustalla näkyy kaupungin siluetti, kuten näette osassa näistä kuvista. Lontoon parhaita puolia kumpikin :).

Kun amerikkalainen plussa-merkki Lane Bryant lähetti minulle maistiaisia uudesta urheiluvaate-mallistostaan, Livi Active:sta, niin raahasin Mayahin kanssani lenkille karmeasta tuulesta huolimatta. Takki, toppi ja leggingsit jotka sain ovat kaikki ihanaa materiaalia, ja tuntuvat kunnon teknisiltä urheiluvaatteilta, joita ei plussakokoisille ole paljoa tarjolla. Tiedän jo nyt, että näille tulee paljon käyttöä, sillä ne tuntuvat päällä mukavilta, mutta silti ne ‘pitävät kaiken paikallaan’.. itseasiassa leggingsit tulevat tosi korkealle, ja ne on päällä kuin urheilurintsikat mahalle, haha. Ja tämähän on siis vaan hyvä asia ;)!

* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu

Lifestyle: My dream bedroom

Hello my lovelies,

Do you ever lay on your bed and look around you and wonder how would you live and decorate if you had the space and the money? I know I do, quite often actually!

I used to live alone for 8 years before I moved to London. This was of course back in Finland, where living with flatmates isn’t very common. I lived mostly in small studio flats, but all the decoration choices were my own. Of course for most of that time I was a student, and I couldn’t afford many nice things.. But some I did. And I left those nice black and white bookshelves, DVD towers and chest of drawers with my parents when I moved to London. Please don’t think that this post is about complaining, it’s not, I’m just telling how it was for me there. Here in London.. Well, I like my life here, and I’ve had great flatmates, but laying in my bed in this small room makes me dream about how things could be. And if I can’t have a whole flat, maybe I can just dream about what kind of bedroom I’d have if I had the space and the money :)?

When it comes to my fashion, I love block colours and adding some pattern in. Or monochrome with pops of bright colour. I’d love to paint my bedroom white, with an accent wall of black with white pattern, or an accent wall of bright colour (ah, would love lime green). I’d get a walk-in wardrobe with loads of racks for clothes and places for shoes too. Then I would buy all the shoes from Evans (Have you seen the new AW13 shoes there? Amaze!) and all the clothes from Junarose (Yes, I could easily take everything!) and fill the place with them. I’d have black and white across all the furniture and linen, and white blinds on the windows, like you can see here at Hillarys (second image). And a few photoframes on the wall and my dresser. I’d keep it stylish and roomy, which would be a total opposite of my cluttery room with too much stuff in it. But hey, a girl can always dream, right? ;)

Below are a few photos of amazing bedrooms and stunning walk-in wardrobe that have similar ideas. (Clicking them will take you to the source where I found them from.)

**written in association with Hillarys**


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