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Introducing: Unbound

(Tämä on yhteistyö amerikkalaisen Unboundin kanssa, joten jätin käännöksen tekemättä.)

I was contacted by New York based company, Unbound, who are all about embracing the female sexuality. Now this is a topic that I usually don’t cover on the blog, hence I was a bit reluctant after reading their email. However, I did click on the link and went to have a look. I was SO pleasantly surprised that you can’t even imagine. The site design is gorgeous, the language they use is friendly, cheeky and funny, and there’s not an ounce of sleaziness or cheapiness that one usually expects from this kind of industry! So, I decided to email them back.

The idea of the site is subscription boxes, like ones that you have for beauty, food, books.. anything. So why not have one for your sexual needs :). The site has something for you, whether you are single or coupled, or whether you are vanilla or a bit more kinky. They even have some gorgeous underwear and body chains, including some plus-size options!

And that card above states the reason why I like Unbound the most. The fact that they give that big of a portion from their profits to charities that support female sexual health is absolutely amazing. You can tell that they are committed to the cause, whether it is making sure that us women enjoy our sexuality, or helping charities that help us stay healthy. I applaud them, and you guys should definitely check them out! (And yes, they do ship in discreet packages to UK and Europe as well!)

** photographed products have been sent to me by Unbound, opinions are my own **

Dreaming out loud

(Suomeksi alla)

Oh hi, and Happy New Year! Hope you all have had a good start of the year? I have been really busy myself, and to be honest haven’t really felt like blogging, as a few things have happened that changed what I thought of the UK plus-size blogging, and well, I should just think that I’m doing this for me. Which I am. I promised myself years ago, that if I don’t feel like blogging, I shouldn’t force it. I should give myself breaks to keep enjoying this, and this is what I have been doing.

I have some great things happening in a few months, family is coming to visit me in a few weeks, I’m going to Bratislava again in a month, and then going home to Finland for Easter. It’s lovely to have great things to look forward to and people you want to see :).

But yes, the outfit! How amazing are these culottes from Lane Bryant?!? I wouldn’t have thought that I’d love pleather culottes, but these were love at first sight. (They’re sold out currently, but I found a similar pair from navabi, yay!) I think I would wear these more often with heels, but in this post I teamed them up with these loafers for a more casual look. Also this top has been a firm favourite this winter so far, it’s the perfect shirt to keep warm but not get too hot in!

Waistcoat / Liivi*: 26, DP Curve | Turtleneck top / Poolopaita*: 22/24 US, Lane Bryant | Culottes / Housut*: 22 US, Lane Bryant (similar) | Shoes / Kengät*: Lane Bryant | Necklace / Kaulakoru*: F&F (similar) | Lipstick / Huulipuna*: Lord & Berry Twistick in Arizona

Heippa, ja hyvää uutta vuotta! Toivottavasti teidän vuosi on alkanut hyvin? Mulla on ollut täällä ihan kamalaa kiirettä, ja ihan rehellisesti ei ole ollut myöskään fiilistä blogata. Pari sosiaalisen median tapahtumaa Britannian plussabloggaajien keskuudessa todella vei multa maun koko touhuun hetkeksi, mutta itselleni ja teille lukijoillehan mä bloggaan, en muille bloggaajille.. eli siis miksi antaa asian sitten häiritä yhtään enempää ;). Mutta lupasin itselleni jokunen vuosi sitten, että en pakota itseäni bloggaamaan jos ei ole fiilistä, sillä haluan jatkossakin tykätä bloggaamisesta, eli pakolla en rupea tätä tekemään.

Kivoja juttuja on tulossa seuraavan parin kuukauden aikana, vaikka töissä onkin ollut hirmuista kiirettä. Perhettä tulee vierailemaan kuun lopussa äidin synttäreiden aikana, olen menossa taas Bratislavaan kuukauden päästä, ja pääsiäiseksi bookkasin lennot sinne Suomeen – ihana tulla kotiin pitkästä aikaa :)!

Mutta joo, asuun sitten! Miten ihanat nämä Lane Bryantin tekonahka-culottesit on?!? (Siis kertokaa mulle jos näille on joku suomalainen nimi, vai onko ne housut vai shortsit vai?!? Haha.) En olisi uskonut tykkääväni tällaisista, mutta nämä oli ihan rakkautta ensi silmäyksellä. (Tällä hetkellä ne ovat loppuunmyyty, mutta löysin saman tyyliset navabi:lta, alessa ovat vielä!) Luulen, että tulen käyttämään näitä enemmän korkojen kanssa, mutta tähän rennompaan asuun valitsin nämä kengät. Tämä poolopaita on myös ollut päälläni jo monesti tämän talven aikana, se on ihan täydellinen toimistoon, ei liian kuuma eikä liian kylmä!

* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu*

#BraHumbug – my bra sins

(Tämä on yhteistyö-postaus Simply Be:n kanssa, joten jätin käännöksen tekemättä)

I honestly believe that most women commit sins when it comes to their bras. Actually the biggest sin is that most women have no clue that they are wearing the wrong size! Simply Be has listed some of these sins in their blog post about when is the time to trade in your old bra, and in my post here I tell you what are the sins that I commit.. Because even though I do know my right size, I still do commit a fair few.

I’m one of those women who has a lingerie drawer full of bras, but keep rotating the same few ones over and over again – it’s really bad, and today I actually reached for a bra on the bottom and realised that I haven’t worn it in at least a year. I will have to try to do that more often, I mean I choose my outfit for the next day on the evening before, so I will try to stop this sin by making sure I change the bra too haha.

One sin that I probably can never get rid of is washing my bras in the washing machine.. and that’s about that. I’m not going to lie and say that I’ll try, because I KNOW it won’t happen ;)

But yes, the bra you can see in the photo above must be my biggest sin when it comes to bras. I got it over 2 years ago in a Lane Bryant event goodie bag in NYC, and it has never been the right size for me. The back is too big, and the cups are a bit too small, the straps dig in my shoulders, BUT the bra gives me better cleavage than any other bra I own – I just can’t get rid of it! I think the wires have poked out 3 times each side and I have sewn them back in.. and reading this now makes me think that I definitely should dump it.. I just need to find that cleavage creating bra first ;)!!!

** this post is written in association with Simply Be **

Maximum Monochrome

(Suomeksi alla)

Has it been over a week already..? Oops, my schedule turned out to be busier than I thought, and June updates here will be quite rare I assume. I have my friend Jenni visiting me at the moment, and we have been travelling to Cardiff (and around London).. We’ll go to Brussels this weekend (and I’ll see my beautiful Mouna again YESSSS), and after that I’m off to Finland for a few weeks. If you end up missing me, please follow my Instagram :).

These photos however were taken when Mimmi was visiting me (see her wearing this same dress in pink here). Even though I love this dress from Zizzi (unfortunately I didn’t find it online, but you might find it in stores if you live in a country with Zizzi stores), I might love how Mimmi styled my hair even more! I’m useless with plaits myself, so it was lovely to have someone do my hair :).

Denim jacket / Farkkutakki: XXL, Old Navy | Maxi dress / Mekko*: XL, Zizzi | Shoes / Kengät: New Look (similar) | Lipstick / Huulipuna*: Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet in Ravishing Rose

Upsis, onkos viime postauksestani jo yli viikko..? Aikatauluni on ollut kiireisempi kuin oletin, kun ystäväni Jenni on ollut täällä vierailulla. Ensi viikolla lähdenkin sitten sinne Suomeen pariksi viikoksi – ihanaa! Kesäkuussa saattaa tämä bloggailu jäädä yleistä vähäisemmäksi, mutta jos teillä tulee kuitenkin postauksiani ikävä, niin seuratkaa ihmeessä mua Instagramissa :).

Nämä kuvat kuitenkin otettiin, kun Mimmi oli käymässä täällä Lontoossa (kuvat Mimmistä samassa mekossa pinkkinä löytyy täältä). Tätä mekkoa saattaa muuten vielä löytyä Zizzin myymälöistä Suomessa, on aikasta ihana. Ja vaikka mekosta tykkäänkin, niin vielä enemmän tykkään leteistä, jotka Mimmi mulle teki. En osaa niitä itselleni tehdä, joten oli ihana saada hiuksiin jotain erilaista :).

* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu

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