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Beauty: Smile Brilliant

(Tämä on yhteistyö Smile Brilliantin kanssa, ja koska kaikki heidän materiaalinsa ovat vain englanniksi, niin jätän käännöksen tekemättä. Jos teitä kuitenkin kiinnostaa hampaiden valkaisu, niin he kyllä toimittavat tuotteita myös Suomeen.)

Disclaimer: This is another post that has been in the works for ages. Almost a year to be exact. A lot of things seemed to get in the way, but I have finally managed to do it all and take photos etc, so this can finally be done :).

I was contacted by Smile Brilliant last spring, and they asked if I would be interested in trying their teeth whitening kit. I jumped at the chance to do this, as my teeth are naturally quite yellow and that has always annoyed me.

The first thing I received in the post was some moulding materials to create impressions of my teeth with. The impressions could have been done easily alone as well, but I went to one of my best friends for help – as she is a dental hygienist and knows this stuff, haha. I sent the impressions back to Smile Brilliant, and received my custom-fitted teeth whitening trays a few weeks after. Along with them I received three syringes of desensitising gel and three syringes of professional teeth whitening gel.

The instructions said that the whitening gel should be used for 1-3 hours per session, and should be repeated every day or every other day until the syringes are empty. (The desensitising gel was meant to be used only if needed, but as my teeth didn’t really get sensitive during the process at all, I didn’t end up using any of it – but I guess this really varies with every person.) I did all this, but in the end I didn’t see any difference in the colour of my teeth. Smile Brilliant told me that my expectations where probably too high, as no two sets of teeth are the same (see more on expectations here), but they still kindly sent me four more syringes of the whitening gel to use, in case that would help.

I definitely don’t recommend ‘breaking the rules’ with chemicals like this, but as I mentioned earlier one of my best friends is a dental hygienist who works with dental whitening daily.. and I asked her for help. She said that for better results I should try leaving the trays in my mouth for up to 5 hours instead of 1-3 hours, and that is what I did with my extra 4 syringes of whitening gel. (At this point I did get some sensitivity, but not enough that I would have had to use the desensitising gel.) And did it work? Well, see for yourself..

Before is on the left and results are on the right. And like you can see, I still didn’t get my ‘pearly whites’, but they are definitely a bit whiter. So just as long as you keep your expectations realistic, I would recommend giving Smile Brilliant a try – I know I wouldn’t object using the gel again myself in the future :).

** the teeth whitening kit was gifted for me for review, but my opinions are 100% my own **

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