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You must have received a bouquet of those beautiful flowers that you might be finding a little difficult to arrange.

Flowers look beautiful wherever they are placed and in whichever way they are placed.

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That’s what we learned from the Victorians who were known for their experimentation of arranging flowers but, if you are new to the flower world it must be a little perplexing for you and changing the vase after two or three days and making those flowers stand is like a painful job but let me remove that burden of worry from your shoulders and give you a simple trick that is bound to solve all your troubles, doesn’t require much, the trick is free of cost and will work in the long run.  If you want then you can always order from bloomsvilla as they also do flower delivery in Bangalore.

Well, you must always remember that the moment that these flowers are cut, they are already dying and as we know that the death of these beautiful blossoms is inevitable, we cannot do much but slow down the process.

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 Here is an easy peasy trick that will surely prove useful to you.


  1. Mesh bag
  2. A vase
  3. Freshly trimmed flowers
  4. Scissors
  5. Rubber bands
  6. Florist recommended flower food
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The method is simple:

  • Take your vase and clean it properly as the bacteria that is breeding there will not do so anymore and this will also add a little more age to your flowers and put some water and the flower food in it. Remember to always consider the florist before buying the appropriate flower food for your flowers. Bloomsvilla is known to have best florists in Bangalore.
  • Take the mesh bag and cut it a little more than the diameter of the mouth of the vase where it is hanging over the edges.
  • Take some rubber bands and secure the mesh cloth by placing them around the edges of the vase’s mouth.
  • Place the cloth in such a way that the holes are a little expanded for it to let the flower stem pass through it.
  • Pass your flowers through it and enjoy!

This will hold your flowers in place for the rest of the time some other points that you should remember are:

  • Change the water often and remember to wash the vase properly.
  • You can always use copper pennies as they act as an acidifier which will also ensure their longevity.
  • Always remember to trim the stems with sharp scissors as the dim one’s will damage the water-absorbing tissues of the flower.
  • You should always trim half an inch of the stem before putting them back in the vase
  • You should never keep the flowers near heat or in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid keeping them with the fruits and vegetables as they will force the flower to mature and in the case of cut flowers, it will just lead them towards their death.
  • If you are planning on keeping daffodils then you shouldn’t keep them with the other flowers as they secrete a substance which might kill the other flowers.
  • Remember to remove the lower leaves.

If you want to find out more about saving those lovely flowers of yours for a long time then you can always read our blog which is all about how to let your flowers last a little longer. We wish you a healthy and long-lasting bouquet.

Or, if you are planning to give flowers to your friends, family or colleagues then you are in the right place!

We got bouquets for every occasion be it their birthday or their anniversary. You can always get flower delivery in Bangalore.

The fresh flowers are calling with their alluring fragrances. Gift your colleagues, friends and relatives chocolates along with the bouquet and make their occasions special.  

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