What is Cost-Effective; Kidney Dialysis or a Kidney Transplant?

Cost of Kidney Transplant
Cost of Kidney Transplant

The Cost of Kidney Transplant is significant havoc amongst the patients. They spend their entire life in the hospital undergoing dialysis, but they do not dare to go for a Kidney Transplant. Why? Why do the patients avoid the kidney transplant process? 

Well, one of the most common reasons is the price of kidney transplantation. So, is the cost of a kidney transplant so high that the patients cannot afford the same. The answer is NO. One can avail of the kidney transplant at an effective cost; you just need to land at the right place. 

Moreover, for all the people who say kidney transplant is expensive; continue with the right read to have a clearer vision. 

Kidney Transplant Vs. Kidney Dialysis; The Price Conflict

Imagine two people are suffering from end-stage renal disorder; one of them opts for dialysis, and the other chooses for a kidney transplant. Here is the scenario that describes both the situations well. 

  • In the first case, the patient has to undergo dialysis minimum three and maximum seven times a week. So, the overall expenses in a week can vary between 1500 to 4,000 US dollars in a week. ( The total cost of treatment is evaluated based on the lowest price of dialysis in India; i.e., 500 dollars)
  • Now, let us evaluate the second case; here, the price of the kidney transplant goes max up to 13,000 to 16,500. It is a one-time expense. 

Well, if we now compare the price of treatment, within six months max, the cost of dialysis will equal the amount of a kidney transplant. Any of the procedures after that six months would be an additional price in the treatment. 

Moreover, the quality of life keeps degrading as you have to keep visiting the hospital often, and there is always a risk to life. 

On the contrary, you are bound to the one-time Cost of Kidney Transplant Operation, but then you start to live a healthy life. No additional expenses. No, stay in the hospital. 

You might have to visit once or twice for a follow-up after the transplant, but then you can live freely. Also, that is only for consultation and diagnosis. You will not have to stay in the hospital. The follow-up is essential for proper recovery and to avoid post-surgical complications. So, if you are willing to get a second-innings of life, like before kidney disorder, the only solution is a kidney transplant. 

Final Words:

In all the ways kidney transplant is better than a dialysis process. Whether you consider the cost or the results of the operation, in all the ways, kidney transplant is better for healing the patient. 

If we do not opt for a transplant, the functioning of the kidney degrades with each day. It is not the point of concern only for the patient, but the entire family has to suffer with the patient. 

It’s better to avail the transplant in India where you can get improved health as well as you will not have to put excess load on your pocket.


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