How to Start Creating a Logo Design like a PRO

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A logo is an essential part of any business that gives a unique identity within the marketplace. An effective logo grabs the audience’s attention instantly, encouraging them to give your brand a try. It speaks for your brand holding its core values that create a perspective in the audience’s minds related to your business. A logo can take a brand towards the path of success or could lead to massive destruction. Depending on the selection of each design element, you’re sketching the future of your brand. As a beginner in logo designing, you must be aware of certain principles. It not only helps in creating an amazing logo design but builds a special recognition for the brand.

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In this article, you’ll get a complete guide on how to start logo designing as a beginner. Have a look at the 7-step process that takes you towards the creation of an appealing and impactful design.

  • Understand Why You Need A Logo

The first step in designing a logo for your business is to know how important it holds. You should be aware of why you need an effective logo design for your business. Through the logo, you should attract the right audience towards your brand. Thus, the eye-catching logo works just effectively to grab the attention of the target audience. It’s the logo that develops the interest of customers into the brand, encouraging them to purchase a product. Your logo creates the first impression of any brand and leaves a great impact on the audience. Make this impact last forever by investing your time and efforts in the creation of outstanding logo design. A logo gives the audience information about your brand at first sight and conveys a particular message to them.

  • Find Inspiration For Your Design
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To proceed with your logo designing process, you need to search for logo inspiration. For this purpose, start with a brainstorming session by collecting different ideas. Draw out the best logo ideas which you think are creative enough to define your brand correctly. Get out all the design ideas from your mind and put it on the piece of paper, it would eventually lead you towards the best solution. Think just like your audience by putting yourself in their shoes. Consider what would attract your target audience the most and identify what defines your brand the best. Making other people involved in the brainstorming process and taking reviews from others is quite beneficial. Be a bit different and think out of the box, experiment with different ideas, and combine them for amazing designs.

  • Choose Your Design Style

The next step is to choose the best style for your logo design. When it comes to translating the idea into a design, there are multiple elements to consider. Starting from shape, graphics, and color to typography, you need to take care of every single component. There is a wide range of design styles available, select the one that you think goes with your brand’s personality. The most common style is the classic one that keeps your design simple and gives an elegant look. It makes the audience believe in your brand displaying a trustworthy and reliable image. Retro style can also be a good option if you want the audience to feel nostalgic by looking at your brand’s logo. Modern, minimalistic, quirky, fun, and handmade logos are other design styles which you may select for your logo.

  • Find The Right Type of Logo
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The next element that should be your Centre of attention is the logotype. You can pick the best one from different types of logos that gives meaning to your logo. Choose the one that goes well with your design style or combine different types to create a unique one. Letter marks are the most popular as it makes the logo easier to be remembered. The professional logo design services work on the initials of the brand’s names and create the best minimalistic logos that express the business wonderfully. The Word marks are another type of logos that use the brand’s name in the logo which then goes through typography for enhanced design. Other styles like pictorial, abstract, mascots, combination mark, an emblem can also be selected based on the properties of each one.

  • Pay Attention To Color

When it comes to the selection of logo colors, often designers do the blunder to choose the one without considering what it says. Each color contains different meanings, thus paying extra attention when choosing a color for your logo. There is an entire psychology behind the colors which is directly attached to certain kinds of emotions. Before selecting a color, make sure you have a good idea about the meaning each color possesses. Failing in choosing a suitable color could ruin your brand’s image in front of the target audience. Red yields passion and excitement, orange is linked with energy and playfulness, while yellow displays a cheerful image. Green gives a connection to nature, blue symbolizes trustworthiness, and black gives a luxurious look.

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