Top 5 Smoothies for Gaining Weight

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How can smoothies help you to gain weight?

Many people think that smoothies are just for refreshment but what if I tell you that smoothies as it is the best way to consume calories and are fully packed with essential nutrients. It is essential to know your BMI as if it is below 18.5; then, you should focus ion gaining an extra pound. As per the best nutritionist in Delhi is the first thing you should do as proper consumption of calories to gain weight is very important. 

Drinking sodas all day is the best way to gain weight but will completely ruin your health. It is important to understand that you not only have to gain weight but also have to gain both subcutaneous fats along with muscle mass. Eating frequently is the best way to gain weight incorrect manner. In spite of eating two to three larger portions daily, you should choose to consume six smaller means.

High-calorie smoothies to gain weight 

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Eating six meals daily is a much difficult task for many, especially when you have no appetite. Drinking smoothies can be the next best way to gain weight and is the best option instead of drinking soft drinks. The high-calorie smoothie, which is much easy to consume and is delicious too plus it has many healthy results. Below we have listed the best smoothies to gain weight and are the best snack and great replacement of many other drinks for gaining weight. Some of the below listed high calories smoothies include leafy veggies, ice, and nuts and which are most effective as the combined calorie consumption is more than what we consume in 4-5 hours. Drinking these smoothies will help you in carvings also as it has all flavors.  

  • Mango and banana smoothie having 520 calories 

It is considered as one of the most refreshing smoothies that can be consumed in hot summers and can help you to gain weight effortlessly. It is also an excellent source of protein, and mangoes especially are fully packed with many nutrients. By drinking this weight gain smoothie, you will intake enough vitamin C during the day, and also both banana and mango offer an ample amount of carbohydrates too. Mix mango, banana with Greek yogurt, and coconut milk for best results. 

  • Blueberries and walnut smoothie 
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Consuming a smoothie which is fully packed with balanced nutrient is the best way to gain weight. For people who want to gain weight, studies by best nutritionist In Mumbai suggests blueberries and a walnut smoothie, which contains 59 g of carbohydrates, 49 g of protein along with 12 g of fiber in it. Blueberries- walnut smoothie is the best breakfast you can have to gain weight as it is considered as a superfood. While preparing this smoothie, you can add banana, chia seeds, and oats to blueberries and walnut for great results in no time.

  • Chocolate and almond butter smoothie

Chocolate and almond butter smoothie is the best option to gain weight as it is fully packed with many nutrients and is delicious too. Consuming dark chocolate will offer you with many antioxidants. Almond butter on the other hand helps to boost brain health and also maintain good cholesterol levels too. These smoothies have 23g of protein, 63 g of carbohydrate, and 27 grams fat. Gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight, and healthily gaining extra pounds is also a challenging task. 

  • High-calorie orange smoothie 
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Orange juice is the best option for breakfast, and instead to this orange smoothie can take its place too. The best dietitian for weight gain recommends orange smoothie as it contains 32 g protein, 39 g carbohydrates along with 14 g fat. It also reduces the risk of diabetes as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It will be the best way to get vitamin C on a daily basis and which also helped you to maintain proper skin health too. 

  • Strawberries and avocado smoothie

The presence of avocado in this smoothie offers a healthy dose, so fats, and on the other hand, strawberries in it provide many vitamins and minerals. It is fully packed with excellent nutrients, and this is the reason that the best nutritionist in Mumbai recommended it for people who want to gain weight in a healthy way. If the banana is also mixed in, it will be a great source of potassium too.

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