Illegal Use Of Bitcoin; How It Can Be Stopped

Illegal Use Of Bitcoin How It Can Be Stopped
Illegal Use Of Bitcoin How It Can Be Stopped

The emergence of cryptocurrency came as new financial innovative technology, which has now established a special place among many people across the world. All kudos to Satoshi Nakamoto, who with his brilliant mind founded Bitcoin. It came as the best alternative to fiat currencies during the time of the financial crisis in 2008. What made it convincing to the people is its features, which included abolishing the role of middleman and central authority and various other. But with advantages, came risks and threats too. And it all became possible due to the non-regulatory nature of the cryptocurrency market that made criminals making illegal use of Bitcoin.

This has made lawmakers falling into odd positions, globally. They don’t feel becoming a barrier in the way of markets, but they also cannot allow crimes to take place so easily. Moreover, they are also familiar with the bitter fact about cryptocurrency exchanges, that are very complex to keep a vigil eye on, in comparison to electronic transactions that are done normally. There have not been many alternatives to resolve the security issues prevalent in cryptocurrencies, entirely. 

Maybe in the coming future, we might expect to see some more mechanisms to keep a check on crypto crimes and make digital currencies safer. Today, we will brief you about Bitcoin, and will also know about the illegal use of Bitcoin and what can be the possible ways in the future to stop it.

Briefing About Bitcoin

If you are abreast of Bitcoin news today, then you will understand that Bitcoin is a popular name in the cryptocurrency, which made its debut on 3rd January 2009. The existence of cryptocurrency and its worldwide fame is all because of it. Had it not been founded by Satoshi Nakamoto, we would have never experienced a wonderful alternative for traditional currencies. 

It is the one digital currency that has paved so many alternative crypto coins. When it comes to defining cryptocurrency, then it is a means of exchange that is present in the digital world. The technology used in cryptocurrencies is cryptography. It is a mechanism for securing information through a complex code, by which financial transactions can be done safely. But no matter how much safety this mechanism provides to digital currencies, still, the illegal use of Bitcoin can be experienced in the form of unlawful means.

Illegal Use Of Bitcoin

No doubt, people are much convinced with the characteristics of Bitcoin, which benefits them in anonymity, eliminating the role of a middleman or central authorities like banks and government, and simplified international transactions, etc. If you are newly introduced to the crypto world, then besides being familiar with such amazing benefits, you need to know about the illegal use of Bitcoin, that benefits criminal enterprises. Below are some of the ways, which will reveal you about how Bitcoin becomes an easy tool for criminals. 

The Internet has become a staple need for everyone around the world. No one can think a life without it. But do you know it does have a dark side, called Darknet. If you don’t know much about it, then understand it today. Darknet is the negative aspect of the internet, which functions in the absence of active hosts. It is very complicated to be tracked upon or even identified. Also, it is tougher to being regulated. It becomes a possible opportunity for those who are eager for cryptocurrency exchange for illegal means, take much advantage of these features.

The Dark Web is also another way for illegal use of Bitcoin. It is linked with Darknet but differs from it in terms of certain software. The popular cryptocurrency is much misused for unlawful methods like payment for drugs, and other illegal items including arms and weapons. Besides this, individuals are specially recruited for the task of hacking activities. The task includes extracting personal or financial information of people through a special electronic mechanism. 

Everyone knows that terrorism is a global threat that devours human lives and shatters economic conditions. The illegal use of Bitcoin also falls under this dreadful activity for the distribution of arms and weapons internationally. 

Safety Measures To Minimize The Illegal Use Of Bitcoin

As it says, if there is any problem, then there is always a solution to it. However, it is not sure whether to completely end the illegal use of Bitcoin, but there are some useful steps, which if followed, can bring some positive changes. 

  • The solution for intercepting illegal use of Bitcoin can only be possible if there are cordial interactions between different governments.
  • There must be software that would help in tracking down the irregularities exhibited in the public ledger.
  • Besides this, drifting the aim from digital payment method to regular and real production of unlawful assets including arms and drugs.
  • Sustaining Bitcoin’s decentralized nature along with the development of centralized means for regulation without the interference of external bodies.
  • Rewarding cryptocurrency users with financial benefits for finding multiple threats. 


If you have been following recent Bitcoin news, then you must have become familiar with the illegal use of Bitcoin through the news on hacking. Bitcoin is now decades older and is still ruling the choice among the people worldwide. But it is advisable for the users to not fully concentrate on the advantages and benefits of the particular technology, they must be aware of its dark side. Cryptocurrency is the best example that can be quoted here. Although, it is not much sure whether there will be any technology in the future to combat unlawful crypto activities. Meantime, if the above-mentioned steps are practised, then it can bring to some positive changes.


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