5 Smart Strategies for Selling Services on the Internet

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digital marketing 1725340 1280

Surely you have heard a lot of times that the Internet works as a sales channel. I repeat it myself because it works for me.

But it is also true that I do not stop talking to companies and professionals who have tried and failed. One of the reasons I hear most often in the first interview is: “Online marketing doesn’t work for me because I sell services, and the Internet is not for selling services.” Therefore, if you want to sell services on the Internet you will like this post.

5 Smart Tricks to Sell Services on the Internet

Let me give you a typical example:

Imagine that I am a professional, lawyer, plumber or beautician who needs to develop my company’s website. What do I do? What would you do?

I have it quite clear. I speak to acquaintances first. The next step is to ask on Google and that’s where selling a professional’s products and services comes in when a user has a problem that needs an answer.

In this case, I go to Google and search for things like these:

“Professional web designer”, “custom web page development” or perhaps “SEO services in Lahore“. If I am a little launched, I could put “how to design my own website” or “How to launch my blog from scratch”. Keep in mind that only in Pakistan 63.5% of the population uses the Internet on a daily basis, which is a significant figure of the number of people who are looking for products and services that meet their needs.

Depending on what type of professional or company you are, your goals, what you want to sell on the Internet and how you want to do it, some points or others that I am going to talk about will fit better, but I hope that all of them give you some good ideas that allow you to achieve your goals.

1: You are the product.

Maybe I do not discover anything new, but the truth is that if you are a self-employed professional, freelance or an entrepreneur, thinking that your person can get sales is a point to keep in mind. For example, in the case of a physical trainer, he is the product (service), his knowledge, his experience, dealing with the client, all that is what he must convey. Even in facilities of this type, where personal treatment and word of mouth are essential, the online channel can be an excellent way to make yourself known and get new customers.

Once again, think about what you would do if you needed a physical trainer, and you don’t know any Google surely knows a few, right?

As always, for your page to appear in a relevant position and get visits, you will have to make some effort in SEO (organic ranking), in SEM (Google ads) or make a difference to your social networks. No one said it was easy, but in your industry, those who appear first and get clicks and sales on their websites are already doing so. If you want to sell online, organic positioning will be an essential pillar to attract qualified traffic to your site.

2: Your time is limited make the most of it

Unfortunately, your time is not a product that you can store and dispose of as you wish. Your time is an essential constraint in your day to day, and therefore it is a precious asset as a professional. Depending on the service you sell, profitability will increase or decrease depending on the time it takes you to do the job.

Many entrepreneurs and freelancers think they have found a problem to solve their clients. But when they get down to it, they find it takes up a lot of time, and they barely make any money off it. Passion for what you do is essential, but don’t forget that if you hope to live from it, it must be profitable in economic terms for you. Therefore, as your time is limited, the amount of work you can do in a day, too. Learn to make the most of your time, and you will see how the profitability of your work increases.

3: Focus your goal on the sale of a specific service

One of the biggest mistakes of any professional is to think that he is a man orchestra that he is worth everything. Focusing on what service you offer will help you not to disperse, to get to know your customers much better and to provide a quality and caring service.

The more dispersed what you do, the more difficult it is that you can transmit it effectively, the more difficult it will be for your clients to understand it and the more difficult it will be to position yourself on the Internet because you cannot post a website for 20 different services.

4: Show yourself accessible

If you want to transmit trust on your website, it is essential to show yourself accessible. If you have a blog, encourage comments, interact on social networks, write in a nearby language, in short, get closer to the user and create an online “circle of trust”. Sometimes it has happened to me that you enter a website, and it is difficult to find the contact page. You do not know very well how to contact that person or how to send a proposal, request a quote or simply establish the first contact.

Prevent this from happening on your website. Make it very clear how they can contact you and try to find a way to do it quickly. It is essential to keep in mind that on your website, many visits will come through your blog, so the process is to provide information to attract visitors and thereby present your products. That transition should follow a well-thought-out conversion funnel with a perfectly defined path. Still, many times we think that the people who enter the web are already potential customers, and nothing is further from reality.

The sale is an objective that is at the end of a process of knowledge, exploration, trust and quality service. Getting ahead or trying to run too much makes online sales strategies, not work, and you end up throwing in the towel.

5: Use Social Networks to make a brand

Social networks allow you to interact with the user, resolve doubts and questions quickly. It is also a perfect channel to position your brand and make yourself known. Many times, we use social networks only to sell, and that is a mistake. Most people do not enter Facebook with interest to buy products; they begin to share, chat, gossip, but not to buy.

This does not mean that social networks do not help you in the sales process, but for me, they are in an initial step of the conversion funnel. Social media is excellent for branding and positioning yourself as an expert. But trying to sell to who doesn’t want to buy (yet) is a significant mistake.


These are 13 strategies that will help you get clients on the online channel. But like everything, carrying out all this involves work, because it is necessary to develop quality content, work on the positioning of your website or blog, be on social networks. The great advantage of the online channel is that it is possible to measure almost everything. Therefore, you will be able to know if the strategy you are following gives you good results, in which case you will continue on this path and if not, you will have to modify and propose new ideas.

What other strategies do you follow to sell on the Internet? Do you want to talk about one that works exceptionally well for you? I will appreciate that in addition to your comment, you share the post on your social networks.

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