Cybersecurity Certification Courses – CISA, CISM, CISSP

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CISA Certification

Certified Information Systems Auditor is a globally acknowledged certification that acts as the standard for IT professionals who have jobs, which include monitoring, auditing, securing, and controlling data. In order to acquire or attain a certificate in CISA, you need an immense amount of dedication and hard work.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • It requires at least 4,000 hours of work experience in a full-time job position in Information systems, controls, and security experience. 
  • One-year of work experience in systems auditing, security experience, and control experience can be substituted with one-year pf work experience in a full-time job position in Information systems or auditing.
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CISSA Certification tests your skills and knowledge across the five domains, such as:

  1. Information System Auditing Process
  2. Governance and Management of IT
  3. Information Systems, Acquisition, Development and Implementation
  4. Information Systems, Operations, and Business Resilience 
  5. Protection of Information Assets 

Job Profiles:

  • Internal Auditor
  • IT Consulting
  • Privacy Officer
  • IT Audit Manager
  • IT Risk and Assurance Manager
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Higher Salary 

Candidates with CISA Certification receive more than 47% salary compared to the non-certified candidates or employees.

  • Validity
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CISA Certification is globally acknowledged across industries. This certification validates your skills and knowledge and, thus, proves your reliability to the employer or the organization. It acknowledges your advanced skills in IS audit, security, and control profession. 

  • Opportunities

CISA certification is acknowledged globally across industries, which leads to the availability of a various range of job opportunities. The candidates with CISA certification prove their commitment towards their job, and they are usually given more preference over the non-certified candidates.

CISM Certification

Certified Information Security Manager Certification validates your skills and knowledge in governance of information security, program development, risk management, and incident management. This certification is acknowledged globally across organizations. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must have five years of experience in Information security. 

Job Roles:

  • Digital Forensic Investigator
  • Cloud Security Architect
  • Cybersecurity Architect
  • Incident Commander


  1. Validity

It provides you with validation for your advanced knowledge and skills in management accounting. This certification is acknowledged globally, which provides a huge variety of job opportunities. It showcases your dedication to your job.

  1. Global Acknowledgement 

The demand for CISM certification has been increasing at a rapid rate. It has been acknowledged globally across industries. 

CISSP Certification

CISSP Certification validates your advanced knowledge, skills, and experience related to cybersecurity. The demand for CISSP Certification is increasing each day rapidly across the world. CISSP Certification lets you change or move your career into management. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You need at least five years of full-time paid work experience.
  • You need experience of four years of college degree or experience with an approved security certification for four years. 
  • You will become an associate of (ISC)2 if you are successful in the exam without having the complete qualification level.

CISSP Certified must have the skills and knowledge across the eight types of domains included in it, such as:

  1. Security and Risk Management
  2. Asset Security
  3. Security Architecture and Engineering
  4. Communication and Network Security
  5. Access and Identity Management
  6. Security Assessment and testing
  7. Security Operations
  8. Software Development Security 

It is most suitable for individuals in these specific fields such as:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Security Systems Engineer
  • Security Auditor
  • Security Architect
  • Security Consultant
  • It Manager


  1. Skills and Knowledge enhancement 

The preparation for CISSP Certification requires lots of hard work and dedication; it provides a thorough understanding of each and every aspect of security and also operating of various methods or processes which can be beneficial to perform more than one task in the industry.

  1. Staying updated

You will have to renew your CISSP Certification every three years for which you have to earn credits. In order to earn the credits, you might have to join courses or conferences or study online with the available resources. It helps you to maintain your CISSP Certification and also keeps you updated with the general trends related to cybersecurity. In order to keep moving forward, you have to continue the process of learning. 

  1. Better Salary Aspects

Individuals with CISSP certifications earn around $131,030 per year. There are numerous skills required, such as in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity, must have a minimum of four years of hands-on cybersecurity experience. CISSP Certification is valued and also respected by the professionals and recruiters. 

CISA, CISM and CISSP Certifications are included under the cybersecurity certification courses. 

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