Some Canadian Cartoons That Performs Worst

cartoon crazy
cartoon crazy

Howdy! This is Phantom Strider I’m in front of the British Columbia Parliament Building (Victoria, Canada) ‘Cause today we’re checking out The Top 6 WORST Canadian Cartoons And for those wondering, I have nothing against Canada I’m half Canadian myself. but in my opinion animation generally doesn’t seem to be their strong point. You can also check these cartoons on cartoon crazy and decide yourself.

Number #6 Mr. Meaty I don’t know how Canada manages such a line up of cartoons that are just plain UGLY! Mr. Meaty is that equivalent of all muppet cheese *** It’s that David Lynch style of uncanny that left me feeling very disturbed I have to say though, but I don’t mind the story and the characters that much if it wasn’t so downright creepy to look at Mr. Meaty probably would have missed the list but I always find it hard to enjoy the surprisingly complicated gripping teenage characters when they look so damn… disturbing! and the voice acting is honestly… not that bad if you can somehow look past the garbage pale puppets. 

It’s kind of cute and the characters are fairly interesting to watch but these demonic puppets are enough to give kids nightmares! 

Number #5 George and Martha I know, right? What the hell are George and Martha? You probably don’t remember this one because it was the dullest, forgettable cartoon Canada has ever turned out George and Martha are a happily married hippo couple And… that’s it! The highlight of the season is when they had to look after a puppy for the weekend, In fact, the greatest highlight of this cartoon is that Nathan Lane, the voice of Timon, voices George but this is the most controlled dull performance I’ve ever heard him give Every line he says sounds like he’s just dying to *** up the role and break into a dramatic explanation George and Martha is one of the most forgettable uneventful Canadian cartoons I’ve ever seen! 

Number #4 Johnny Test You probably heard me go on about this kid before, so I’ll be brief Johnny is just a very pretentious annoying kid That’s just always rubbed me the wrong way He always gives off this very self-important air and he always wears this very arrogant sneer on his face all the other characters are mostly very shallow as well and I’ve never been able to relate to this kid as I’ve mentioned before, Johnny Test seems to aim towards the younger generations in its attempts to be ”cool” but it always just seems to come across as very artificial Anyway, I’ve gone on about Johnny before, so leave it like that 

And the Number #3 Calliou Generally, cartoon entertainment has a foul reputation amongst the community and cartoons like this are the main reason why! I’ve never liked Calliou from as young as I can remember, I remember disliking this cartoon Not only was it impressively boring but it was nauseatingly sappy too Like… really sickly sweet to the point were almost compared to ”Troll in Central Park” The first thing you might notice is the stellar quality of this epic scripts for example: What was that? This is another case where I think of a trained monkey behind the typewriter when I look at the dialogue of these people Even four-year-olds don’t talk like that! The story is still a mild step up in intelligence from entertainment like Barney the Dinasour but it’s still a very mild step up 

And the Number #2nd worst Canadian cartoon is… The Brother’s Grunt Ughhh, this cartoon There are a few cartoons out there that looks this rancid on top of that is probably the most nonsensical cartoon I’ve ever watched Essentially the story is about a group of googling hideous-looking man-like creatures that seem to be looking for their brother Perry and just to add insult to injury, they all walk around au naturel it’s amazing that such a beautiful country could come up with something so ugly! This is one of the ugliest cartoons I’ve ever seen and that is against some stiff competition These poor human abominations look like they’re in constant agony whenever they’re on screen From what I’ve read they’re meant to look constipated But how is that any better? There isn’t music The entire Orchestra sounds like someone just bent over and pass gas for two minutes straight into a microphone The only real plus I can give it, it’s that it’s completely harmless There are not mean-spirited or needlessly cruel messages But it doesn’t have a message at all ”Brother’s Grunt” would need to have some sort of coherence to actually have a message Zero effort was put into this *** disaster It looks terrible, it sounds terrible, and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever And without a doubt 

The Number #1 Worst Canadian Cartoon is… Angela Anaconda Oh God, I hate this cartoon It disturbed and revolted me as a child and it came back as an almost traumatic memory as an adult When I’ve discovered it was Canadian It couldn’t be #1 It has ungodly hideous animation The characters were ALL annoying And I can’t forget how terrible Angela’s off-key singing was in her opening song The lines were stupid, the characters were hateable, and the only real story I remember from it was Angela’s endless fantasies and how she’s going to hurt, humiliate and assault the school bully, Nanette Manoir This cartoon is stuck in my memory, 

but not because of its quality but because I watched it in morbid curiosity as a child and I can never forget how terrible it was this falls into my top 15 WORST cartoons of all time because I personally DESPISE everything about it This is the only cartoon more hideous than ”Brother’s Grunt” that I’ve ever seen! Because I just feel like retching when I see this sad excuse for animation Angela’s voice was nasal, grating that I have to turn the TV off whenever the intro started as a kid There’s just something so excruciating to watch about Angela Even though ”Brother’s Grunt” is technically worse, in terms of which cartoon I hate more Angela Anaconda is definitely the worst Just the name! Angela Anaconda brings back horrible memories of hideous black and white paper cut abominations I consider it the laziest, stupidest, ugliest piece of animation our Canadian friends have EVER produced I consider it without a doubt The #1 Worst Canadian Cartoon of All Time I think it’s important to say, though, this list in no way reflects my overall opinion of Canada in my short time here I’ve met some of the most polite, friendly and welcoming people I’ve ever come across And hey! I’m half-Canadian myself! and I’m like their cartoons Canada is absolutely gorgeous The mountains, the beaches, the forests.


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