Premature Ejaculation – All you need to know

Premature Ejaculation All you need to know

Premature ejaculation and other challenges with ejaculation in men

Quick ejaculation during intercourse is a known phenomenon among men, often due to stressors or agitation in situations. This section will direct on several aspects of ejaculation problems and the causal explanation for the problem.

Ejaculation in sleep or premature ejaculation common in puberty

Maybe it happens before the act itself has begun, or gets ejaculated in sleep just by dreaming about love? This is not an unusual scenario for adolescents, and quite natural in puberty where the hormones are still somewhat out of balance. But a mature man who still suffers from such embarrassment is, fortunately, getting help.

What are the causes of premature ejaculation?

Individuals suffering from premature ejaculation are often plagued with low self-esteem and performance anxiety. It is difficult to process the problem in such scenarios if you do not have an understanding love partner. There is a number of stain around men who come too early and are often met with adverse reactions from the opposite love.

  • Imbalance in hormone levels in the body
  • The high concentration of the brain chemical neurotransmitters in the brain
  • Infections and inflammation of the prostate or urethra

Exercises and treatment for men with premature ejaculation

It may be beneficial for men who struggle with this problem for non-physical reasons to try exercises to become more enduring.

At the breaking point of orgasm, you can try to choke the ejaculation by squeezing on each side of the organ head with your fingertips. Repeat the exercise for more premature signs of ejaculation.

Antidepressants can be prescribed to treat the causes of a mental nature such as depression and low self-esteem.

Condoms during intercourse can inhibit premature ejaculation for those who are simply too sensitive below. In addition, anesthetic creams containing lidocaine are useful but are not recommended for long-term use Fildena 150mg.

Neurological causes or imbalances in hormone levels should be investigated if none of the above helps. A male hormone test can easily tell you if your hormone levels are optimal or imbalanced.

Symptoms and treatment for retrograde ejaculation

Internal ejaculation occurs due to the muscles around the bladder, not working. This muscle has the function of blocking sperm from entering the bladder when it contracts during an orgasm. Therefore, many men may experience that there are noticeable amounts of semen in the urine after intercourse.

This is almost a safe condition but can be challenging for couples who want children.

If this is the problem, explore the chances of taking care of the sperm for artificial insemination at a fertility clinic use Fildena at Himedpills or vigora.

The cause of retrograde ejaculation maybe

  • Medications for prostate inflammation, blood pressure, or depression.
  • Some diseases such as diabetes, MS, and Parkinson’s can also cause such symptoms.
  • A complication that has occurred after prostate or bladder surgery

Increasing cases of anorgasmia among men

Anorgasmia, also called Coughland’s Syndrome, is a condition in which one does not have an orgasm. It is best known among women not to be able to orgasm during intercourse, but this has also become a growing problem for men.

This is due to problems with the anal sphincter that should contract during an orgasm and can often be related to:

  • Prescription drugs such as antidepressants
  • Previous complications of the prostate or genital surgery
  • Injuries to the spine
  • Alcohol abuse or narcotics such as heroin
  • Low testosterone levels in the body
  • High blood pressure or diabetes

Anorgasmia can also have psychological causes such as depression, stress, and problems in the marriage.


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