Choose the right Lavazza ground coffee for a mind-blowing experience

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Buying good quality and well-roast coffee beans can be a bit of a task when you do not know much about the types. There are many types of coffee beans, some may be the best ones, and some may not. As far as you are not an expert in recognizing good coffee beans, you will not be able to buy the right type. There are premium coffee brands, including Lavazza ground coffee, and you will soon learn how to pick the best one. By learning about the origins, suitability, and flavor of Lavazza coffee beans’ range, you can choose the best ground coffee for your home. 

Starting with the purpose of buying coffee beans, be it for your coffee shop or your house, it does not make a difference. Keeping it simple, if it tastes good and you like it, everybody else will like it. The only factor you may need to consider while shopping for your shop is the price, which may be higher for obvious reasons. You may need to spend more on the Italian ground coffee for your cafe. 

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Another fact while shopping for coffee is that you cannot measure the taste. You cannot figure out which blend tastes better. A particular coffee blend may be perfect in flavor for a person, while the same can be bitter or unimpressive for somebody else. When you buy ground coffee, you should consider quality as the primary factor. There are broadly two categories of Lavazza coffee beans; you get one in reg bags and the other blue bags. You can find the red bags more probably in supermarkets, high street shops, cash and carries, etc. The range of Lavazza blue bags is more premium, and it aims at coffee shops, restaurants, and so on. 

When you look for ground coffee online, the drawback is that you do not get to see, smell, or touch the beans. You should have the right information and knowledge about the brand or type of coffee you are buying in such situations. When you correctly examine the kind of beans, you will only manage to have a cup of good Italian ground coffee. Do you know a bonus for finding the perfect coffee? You can use it for cooking! Here are some recipes that may sound bizarre but are surprisingly good. 

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Quick fact: 

  • Mixing a bit of Italian ground coffee to your veggies can enrich the earthiness of the ingredients. 
  • Slowly roasting Lavazza coffee beans with pork or beef can bring out some undiscovered flavors to you. 
  • Add a pinch of coffee to your peanut butter shakes, chocolate smoothies and see how it adds a complementing bitterness to the taste. 
  • Sprinkle ground coffee seasoning to your pancakes, croissants, crepes and make them a lot tastier. 

Date Caramel Espresso Oats

Get your rolled oats; chia seeds make a dry mixture and a little bit of salt to it. Then add maple syrup, almond milk, vanilla extract, and finally a pinch of Lavazza ground coffee. Cover the mixture and leave it overnight in your fridge. Serve cold breakfast in the morning. 

Lunch Recipe

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Do you find anything better than steak for lunch? Well, you can now add a twist to it by rubbing ground coffee. Buy ground coffee you prefer the best, make a mixture of ground coffee with coriander, mustard, brown sugar, red pepper, and salt. Coat each steak with this mixture and proceed with the regular recipe you follow for the steak. And you’re done!

Lavazza Ground Coffee works well for you if you wish to have a cup of coffee, but it does miracles when you add it to your cooking. You can discover many more coffee recipes even for desserts if you are a caffeine addict with a sweet tooth. 

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