SammyGift Review: An Unforgettable Anniversary

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Have you guys ever bought anything from a foreign online flower or cake delivery ?How is the experience on these shops? Today I’d like to share a personal story to introduce you to a great Chinese cake & flower delivery website.

What happened was that my wifi, she is a Chinese, visiting her family from the United States back to Guangzhou some time ago and had to be quarantined for 14 days, so she had to stay in the hotel every day and couldn’t come out, and it happened to be our seventh wedding anniversary, and we felt really bad that we couldn’t spend this anniversary together.In the ten years we have known each other, there is no anniversary that we have missed.

But even if it’s hard, you learn to enjoy the bitterness. Even if we can’t meet each other, we have to spend this anniversary together in other ways, so we plan to send each other a gift on our anniversary, and I plan to give him cake and flowers,but that made it difficult for me because I didn’t know how to find a Chinese cake delivery website, and I didn’t know how to pay for it on a Chinese website, most importanly I wasn’t sure if they would deliver it to a foreigner who was self-quarantine in a hotel.

I was surprised to find that there were still many English-language cake delivery websites, but many of them were not good enough to meet my requirements. I eventually found a website called SammyGift, a website that specializes in cake and flower delivery.Perfectly meets my requirements.

I asked their customer service with a skeptical attitude. As a result, their customer service sammy answered my question very considerately and told me that they could give gifts to the quarantined person and asked me if I have any other needs. I was very touched. I immediately ordered my favorite cake and flowers in their store.

They kept their promise, and they delivered flowers and cakes to my husband within the time I scheduled.The flowers are very gorgeous and the cakes are also very awesome. That day, we spent our most special anniversary through a video call with SammyGIft’s flowers and cakes.

So I am very grateful to Sammy and her team for making us spend such an unforgettable anniversary.Below are the flowers and cakes I ordered. These are the most beautiful flowers and cakes I have ever seen. And they offer the best cake and flower delivery service in Guangzhou!This website will share with you and come in handy when you need them.Especially for those who have friends in Guangzhou, they offer the best cake and flower delivery service in Guangzhou!

>> with their gorgeous FLOWERS & CAKES


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