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The internaut actually loves sand more than anything. But not if it stubbornly sticks to the beach towel. Could the sand-repellent Tesalate bath towel be the solution? Exactly this part is being tested today.

It’s been a long time since the intern was last on the slopes for this blog. It was in November 2017 when the astronaut’s wife researched the strong Barcelona route and put it into blog format.

Happy in the city, even better on the beach: Sabin Stettler aka the internaut. (Image: Internaut)

And not in any application area. But on the Balearic island of Menorca, the second home of the internaut. When Sabin isn’t getting out of the tide somewhere, she works full-time as a curative teacher in Switzerland.

And of course as a knitting specialist with her own label cukín . So the internaut is very well informed. What is meeting excellently today.

The fabric that sand shouldn’t get stuck on

Because now the internaut has set off again. And not just anywhere, but to the island of her heart. In her second home, Menorca, Sabin put a very interesting travel gadget through its paces: the beach towel from Tesalate.

The Australian products not only look pretty, they also boast their very own product advantage: That the sand, which often sticks to the cloth, can be easily shaken off.

Because, as the Australian company says, the clothes are sand-repellent. In contrast to most beach towels, which are usually made of cotton, Tesalate uses a microfiber called “AbsorbLite”.

In plain English, this means: The Tesalate custom beach towels are made of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide.

Beach: yes. Sand: yes. But not on the beach towel

In fact, there are situations on the Playa where you don’t need the sand. One of these moments is the departure after a day at the beach.

I do fill in bottles of sand from Menorca every now and then. But at the end of a day at the beach I don’t want to take too much of it with me. Especially not when the sand sticks to my beach towel.

A lot of sand sticks there. Are we taking this away again? (Image: Sabín Stettler)

Or when I lie down on the cloth refreshed from swimming in the clear sea and let the sun dry me off. Memories of the sand: Sure.

But dragging sand on the beach towel afterwards: No thanks.

Sand-repellent beach towel Tesalate: The strengths

The cloth does what it says on the tin. Shake a few times and the sand is gone. This also applies to the places that are soaked in the sea water or the sand sticks to it mixed with algae.

And the tesalate beach towel dries quickly. Very quickly.

Shake it vigorously once and the sticky sand is gone. Beach powder only remains on the foot. (Image: Sabín Stettler)

The texture is also pleasant. Where else I am more critical with microfiber on the skin. The soft waffle structure feels good and makes you want to wrap yourself in it.

Three other features that I really like: The loop for hanging is cleverly placed. It is placed in the middle of the long side, not in a corner as usual. Effect: If you hang the Tesalate cloth at a good height, it will not touch the floor.

Second nice feature: the beach towels are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. The highlight: They have different designs on the front and back.

The same triangle pattern in black and white always appears on the back.

Third: It is of course a great feeling to change in the evening on a beach towel that is completely free of sand.

In any case, better than if grains of sand constantly come to places where you don’t want to have them. And certainly not women.

Sand-repellent beach towel Tesalate: The weaknesses

Unfortunately the cloth is quite heavy. When dry, it weighs 490 grams. For comparison: a cotton cloth of the same size weighs less than half at 240 grams.

Since I usually always wear a plain cotton cloth, that makes a lot of difference.

Tesalate Beach Towel: Suitable for :

People like me who love sand though. Better to leave him on the beach in the evening.

Tesalate beach towel: the price

We bought the “Bora Bora” model on the Tesalate website at a price of 44.10 euros.

Nicely delivered, ready for the beach: Tesalate beach towel. (Image: Sabín Stettler)

The part actually costs 49 euros; But first-time buyers have a ten percent discount.

Sand-repellent beach towel Tesalate: Note

In the good Swiss rating system, which ranges from 6 (absolute special performance ) to 1 (complete failure), the sand-repellent beach towel Tesalate comes through with the Internaut with a grade of 5-6 .

Half a note is deducted because of the weight and material. Plastic stop …

By the way

The beach towel, which was tested at Playa de Binibeca on Menorca, among other places, had a single size of 1.60 meters by 80 centimeters.

But it can also be bigger.

Tea salads, here in the single version. (Image: Internaut)

In the pair version, the Tesalate model “Towel for two” measures 1.60 by 1.60 meters. The price is of course a little higher.

Namely 89 euros. Of course, the 10 percent effect also plays a role here with the first order.

And: The sand-repellent beach towel is of course not only good on Menorca. But also on the most beautiful sandy beaches in Switzerland.


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