Looking For Bathroom Storage Ideas? Go Asian

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Bathroom ideas are booming. It’s everywhere. When you look at print magazines or the internet, it’s there. Ideas like over toilet space saver, bathroom decors, and the like are trendy. So, what is another entry to check out when it comes to the topic? Asian design is hot these days. It’s not only because Japanese decors are attractive. It is something to do with the materials that Asian-style bathrooms use. It’s the wood, bamboo, and other earthly materials that make Asian-style bathrooms such a treat. Just think about bamboo storage spaces that can catch the attention. Indeed, there are no disadvantages when it comes to bamboo materials. What you only have to prepare for is the way of building them and also proper maintenance. 

Over-The-Toilet-Storage Space

This over the toilet space saver rests above your toilet. You can either have a shelf, a cabinet, or a combination of both. The variety involves a cabinet above a shelf or rack. In the Asian bathroom style, the advantage of this combination is that you can lock valuables and leave other things inside the frame. Some storage space involves a support tower that holds the storage in place—the same with the usual over-the-toilet storage shelf you see.

Door Shelf

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Some bathrooms have doors with shelves attached to them. This process gives your bathroom more functionality. With these doors, you have to be careful, though, not to bang the door at risk of shaking things into disarray. This approach is for people with small bathrooms and who want to use any space available. 

Movable Cabinet

Movable cabinets are good options. These cabinets have small wheels that allow them to be pushed. This idea is excellent for people who might want to add different things inside the bathroom one day. Moveable cabinets can have bathroom essentials like bath oil, fragrant soap, extra toilet rolls, and other essential items. 

Wall Shelf and Cabinet

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These storage spaces are for more oversized bathrooms. These are also great, especially when you are the type who invites relatives over the holidays. The shelves, racks, or cabinets can have all the essentials like extra towels, face towels, bath towels, and perfumes. Wall cabinets are also aesthetically pleasing when they are made of bamboo finish. People who love economizing spaces can find pleasure in wall spaces because you can use them for other creative ideas. They are spaces where you can store scented candles, potpourri, crystals, and other luxurious essentials. 

Bamboo Storage Racks or Cabinets

You can use bamboo as a decoration above wooden racks. Or, you can simply create racks or shelves made entirely of bamboo. However, it is a tedious job, and you need to be careful. The edges of a bamboo straw can be sharp. You have two options. You can make these storage places yourself, or you can have someone do it for you, right to your idea. Once done, you have your new storage space. There are other options you can have with these little boxes with the bamboo finish. 

Shellac, Varnish, Or None? 

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This is the usual question when dealing with bamboo materials. Whether it’s a piece of furniture or decor, bamboo can be an attractive material worthy of embellishment. Shellac is elegant and transparent. It is a great finishing design for wood and bamboo. It makes the material look luminous and shiny. Shellac is very popular due to its smooth and protective characteristics. It can prevent deterioration from insects. It can also prevent decay due to moulds, moisture, and other natural causes. The varnish is opaque, and it can add color to your material. Like shellac, it is also offered a protective cover to your bamboo. As long as you choose the right color, then your finished product will be great. Bamboo can also look great without those finishing touches. However, it can be vulnerable to pests and natural causes. 

Bamboo Baskets

Baskets are stunning containers for your bath essentials, and they are also durable and will not rust in moisture. Bamboo baskets are great for all types of things. They can be containers for your soaps, shampoo, lotion, and even scented candles. You can place them in any corner. They are both decorative and practical. They are also cheap, so you get a bang for your buck. 

Additional Asian Decors

Having a candle container made of cut bamboo is also an attractive addition. Ensure that the candles are inside a candle glass container with extra space inside the bamboo. You don’t want the material catching fire just in case. The reason why these are attractive is that they remind us of Japanese green tea.


With all these Asian bathroom ideas, it is now great to start your own. Asian decors can bring nature into your bathroom. Bamboo embodies the freshness of nature that’s both relaxing and healing—a treat to mind, body, and soul. 

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