Safely Use a Swaddle and Sleeping Bag on Your Baby

Sleeping Bag 1

Are you transitioning your baby from swaddling? It’s possible to use a wrap and sleeping bag to manage the process. It’s a useful technique for those babies that prefer swaddling during sleep but are too big for wraps.

Firm swaddling of the arms helps your child settle down for sleep, and the sleeping bag provides for freedom of movement for the legs and hips.

 Swaddle Safety

When you use a swaddle and sleeping bag together, make sure your baby doesn’t roll. If the baby requires swaddling, and she can roll, we recommend you use a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap or leave one arm out to keep your child on their back while they sleep.

 The Swaddle Technique

If your baby prefers firm arms-in swaddling, you can use the Miracle Blanket for the best wrap. These blankets prevent the wrap from shifting position towards the baby’s face. That’s important to note when you’re using the wrap alongside a sleeping bag instead of wrapping the legs.

The Miracle Blanket is ideal for this transition. The arm flaps are effective for keeping your baby safe when swaddling with a sleeping bag.

Here is the method for swaddling your baby using a blanket and sleeping bag.

  • Select the right size sleeping bag for your baby.
  • Open the wrap and place it flat on a table or surface.
  • Place your sleeping bag on top of the wrap.
  • Undo the domes and zips, and place your baby in the center of the sleeping bag.
  • Many sleeping bags for newborns come with domes under the arms, providing a snug fit.
  • Place your baby’s arms into the arm flaps in the wrap.
  • Bring the first side of the wrap over the body.
  • Keeping her arm wrapped straight by their side reduces the chances of the wrap coming undone at night.
  • Wrap the other side over your baby tightly to secure the swaddle.


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