How Sheer Curtains can Change Your Home Completely

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Why should homeowners educate themselves on sheer curtains? Firstly, these curtains keep the natural light flowing inside, while creating a sophisticated interior look. It gives you maximum privacy but still allows you unlimited views. 

Ever had a day where you simply want to shut out the world and hibernate? Well, by using sheer curtains Melbourne homeowners can escape the outside world easily. You can enjoy the intimacy and privacy without having to sacrifice the natural light that seamlessly flows through the room. 

Learn about this product, so you can transform your home, easier than you think.

Making Curtains Work for You

With different designs, you can make these curtains suit and enhance your unique décor, so don’t only think of them in the way your grandparents used them. Modern design changed everything! Now, sheer curtains can be high quality products, using only the finest fabrics giving you the assurance you’re investing in a durable product. 

And then there’s the practical aspect. Many people need complete darkness to fall asleep, and any light passing through can make napping during the day a struggle. There’s an option of a blackout when you install sheer curtains, where less daylight will pass through, making any room dark enough for afternoon naps. 

See how one piece of fabric carries a lot of value?

You have Options when it Comes to Tracks

Most features on sheer curtains can be customised when you work with the right vendor. But let’s look at how you can customise the tracks: 

    • Traditional rods: While some homeowners would think this is an old-fashioned way of holding curtains up, it gets the job done. With rods, the weight of the sheer curtains can be easily managed. Traditional rods are sturdy and can carry any weight. 


  • Decorative rods: Give your home a stylish finish. With sheer curtains families can add that extra sparkle to their homes. The end of the rod can be customised to suit the curtains or the decor of your indoor area.  The tracks can also come in a range of fashionable designs. 
  • Slimline fold tracks: These tracks are easy on the eye and give the curtains a slight fold at the top. When the curtains are closed the tracks are hidden from plain sight making for a sleek look. 


  • Top fix option: Keep the tracks completely hidden with this track option. It seamlessly integrates your sheer curtains giving it a neat and clean finish.

Motorised Curtains are all the Rage

Gone are the days of having to get up and close curtains by hand. Motorised curtains and blinds have become a must-have for any modern space. You’ll not only be able to close them by remote control but by many other ways: 

  • Smartphone control: Now you can stay in bed and open your curtains using your Smartphone. You’ve seen it in the movies now it’s accessible to everyone. 
  • Hard-wired motors: You can install a motor that works with batteries to operate the curtains. The motor can be placed in the ceiling cavity, out of view of your guests. 

If you want luxury in your home, start with your curtains!

Customisation is the Way to Go

It’s important to have your curtains look good on the outside and inside. Make sure your inside space matches the look and textures of your sheer curtains. Lining can be customised to suit the textures of the overall look of your space. The lining also helps to lower or maintain heating and cooling costs in the home.

Tip: sheer curtains are best suited for bigger windows. It gives the feel of full drapes without the heaviness attached to it. 

Types and Uses of Sheer Curtains

Voile curtains and sheer curtains are the two types that you can select from. Let’s look at what makes them different: 

  • Voile curtains: A cotton fabric that also contains linen and polyester
  • Sheer curtains: This can be one of many different types of fabric, including chiffon, gauze and polyester

You have the choice of placing them over blinds if they’re already installed, to create a softer feel in your space. The colours can be mixed and matched with different textures of your other curtains, making sure you stay up to date with the latest trends and styles. 

Final Thoughts

Now you understand why a lot of hotels and luxury resorts use sheer curtains. It’s aesthetically pleasing while serving many functions. Curtains can completely change the look and feel of any space at a fraction of the costs of other decorating projects.

Take time out today and look at the different designs available to give your office or home a total overhaul. It could make a big difference to your space and will be worth the investment. And why not enjoy the leisure and convenience of an automated system to open and close your curtains? 

Also, drop us a comment and share some other interesting ideas to completely change your home. 



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