Stock Rover Offers A Comprehensive Platform For Managing Your Stocks! – See How?

Stock Rover

Do you love spending most of your time trading? If yes, you will have this idea of how amazing it is and provide you with the best and quality of experience. If you are using any stock trading tools, it will provide you with the best experience of investing in stocks and performing stock research. A forex broker is an online trading services company that provides access to traders for buying and selling foreign currencies on a platform. In other terms, we can say they are an entity that acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers or between traders and the Forex market itself. If you are talking about the Stock Rover, then it is a web-based stock and analytical platform. If you look around, you will get to know there are so many stock trading services, but what makes the difference?

A person should understand that Stock Rover is not a platform where you can buy or sell the stock, but it is a platform where you can research and consolidate the market research. 

The platform offers you many features, and some of them are-

  • It has a stock tracking tool that helps you to stick to the existing stock and track them.
  • Analyze the performance of your existing stock.
  • It also helps you in finding the best trading opportunities.

 It is the information hub where you can get all the information regarding trading. If you do not have the right tool, it can become hard to manage the stock data. If you choose the stock rover, you will be provided with the stock screener tools and other useful tools for the traders.

How does it work?

If you want to use the Stock Rover, it is the most simple and easy to use; the first thing you need to do is visit the website and create your account. There you will have to enter the username and password, and along with that, you need to enter the email. Once your account is created, you will get emails every week, which will include the article, investing tips, and many more.

After doing so, you will get the options to import your existing portfolios, or if you want, you can also build the new one from scratch. And if you will link your portfolio will import the data automatically, and it will start calculating the returns.

Benefits of Stock Rover

There are so many benefits that a person can experience if they choose the Stock rover, and those benefits are mentioned in the following points-

  • You will be able to research about anything on that; stock rover has a big library of the research; you will be able to find the 10000 or more stocks, mutual funds, and ETF’s. If you want to know about any of those things and want information on any stock, you can choose this platform to know about everything.
  • If you choose the charting tools, you will get to experience many things; it has 600 technical indicators that include many things. You can also get the chance to define the equation and metrics if you use the built-in logic tool.
  • Another benefit that you can experience if you choose this platform is that it is highly flexible. You will be able to see the charts virtually and also be able to organize them as you want. There are different types of subscriptions that you can get, and if you choose the high subscription, you will be able to have the reign where you can make the charts track with the help of information that you want.
  • While investing into stocks, if you want to track or rebalance that, it is the best platform that will help you in tracking your profile. It can integrate the portfolios and also keep track of your earnings. You can also set the alerts that will help you remain the ratios you want, and if the stock met the benchmarks, it would alert you by notification.

These are the benefits that you can experience if you choose the stock rover; it is the best platform to gather all the information research of anything you want.

How much it cost?

 If you want to know about the pricing of the stock cover, then it will offer you the four main subscription plans, which are- Free, Essential, Premium, and premium plus, which are explained below-

  • Free Plan- If you choose the free plan, it will be completely free and provide you the data related to basic stocks and ETF. If you use the free version, it will provide you with features such as technical and analytical tools, customization, and screener features, which makes this platform unique from others.
  • Essential Plan- If you are taking the essential plan, it will cost you $7.99 if you take it for the money, and if you want that for a year, it will cost you $79.99. Here you will be able to get five years of ETF data and stocks, and along with that, you will get the scanner tool and signature stock. But if you are taking this, you will not be able to get the technical indicators and fundamental metrics.
  • Premium Plan- The next plan that you can buy is the premium plan, and it will cost you $17.99 for one month, and if you want to take that for one year, it will cost you $179.99. It is the best one because if you choose his plan, you will get access to all the available services such as chart tools, Fundamental metrics, and technical indicators. It is the advanced version of the plan that you can experiment with as it also has some extra features such as dividend income projection and correlational analysis.
  • Premium Plus Plan- It is the highest plan that is available, which is the premium plus plan; if you want to buy this plan, then it will cost you$27.99 for a month, and for one year, it will cost you $279.99.It will give you access to each and every tool available in Stock Rover and offer you extra portfolios. You can have as many portfolios as you want, as there will not be any limit to that.


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