Comprehensive details about all top models of Honda bike

Honda bike

Suppose you are willing to buy a new vehicle but not understanding which category of the vehicle will be best for you. The foremost thing you have to do is making a strategy regarding all your situation and budget. In that strategy, you can also mention the features which you are expecting in your new vehicle. If you bought a vehicle without any sense, then you will regret it in future. So, preparation of strategy is the best thing for you. The first thing you should keep in mind is for which purpose you need a vehicle. 

For example, if you want it for carrying heavy luggage then you should go for a truck, if you are going for a family function with a big family, then you should go for a car, but in any condition you want the vehicle for personal use or small family then a motorcycle is the best option for you. It is sufficient for this kind of work. There are many benefits of buying a bike, like it is cheaper than a car, best for home-based work, give more mileage, and many more. There are many companies through which you can select a motorcycle with your required feature, but Honda is one of the most famous company in all over the world. 

It mainly belongs to Japan, and its headquarter is also situated in Japan. Honda is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles since 1959.  They had launched numerous models in bike with the latest technology, and many of such models are in progress. They use only the latest technology in their bike like they are practicing for an electric hybrid vehicle. Below mentioned are some details about top Honda motorcycle models which you can buy from honda dealer riverside.

Honda shine

Honda Shine is the most popular motorcycle which is manufactured by Honda. It consists of engine 125cc, which is a very powerful engine. This model is mainly developed by HMSI ( Honda motorcycle and scooter India) and Bangladesh Honda private limited, which is also known as BHL. If we talk about its launch date, it was launched in India in 2006. This motorcycle offers four-speed with manual transmission. According to experts, it is one of the best models of motorcycle which run on 125 cc engine at that time. 

The best thing about Honda is that every year they improve something in their previous motorcycle by getting the reviews of people. They also produce new colors and graphics every year. On the basis of horsepower, Honda ensures that it can accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h in just 5.30 seconds and have a top speed of 95 to 100 km/h. Besides all these Honda’s old models, it produced a new model in 2020 with a fuel-injected version. It has an electric start, which is also known as silence start.              

Honda hornet 2.0

It is also one of the top-rated motorcycles which are manufactured by Honda. This vehicle has many names like it is known as a hornet in the area of Europe and Honda 599 in the area of USA. It is a standard motorcycle which is produced by Honda. This bike runs on a 599 cc engine, which is a very powerful engine. It is a fact that it is a modified version of the Honda CBR600, which is a sportbike. It was launched in 1998 all over the world and become popular within several months of launching. If we talk about its launching in Japan, then it had been launched in 1996.

 Honda hornet 2.0 has a six-speed transmission. There are many rare features in this bike, like a dual disc brake, etc. Honda had done many changes to this bike to make it more efficient. They had totally changed the wheel setup and convert it according to the requirements of the sport. They also fit the larger fuel tank in contrast to the previous one. Besides all these minor changes, in 2014, they had brought a major change in the engine whose displacement is increased to 49 ccs and started to be known as Honda CB650F. If you want to buy any of its versions, then honda dealer riverside will always remain the best option. 

Honda Activa

Honda Activa is a popular series which is launched by Honda. It was developed by HMSI ( Honda motorcycle and scooter Indian) in May 1999. It had also come to India in May 1999. All countries had their own date of production like production of activa in Mexico was started in 2004. It runs on an engine of 109/125 cc, which is pretty innocent. This vehicle provides you both the option of a kick start and a self-starter. Besides all these models and production, 

Honda launched a new version of Active in India on eight May 2009, which is powered by the engine 109 ccs. The reason behind launching this vehicle is that it reduces the fuel economy by 15%. After this change, they started to bring many changes in activa with the use of the latest technology. In 2014, they upgraded the engine of activa to 125 cc. There are many generations of activa available in the market, but the most famous generations are 5th and 6th, which are launched in India in 2018 and soon, respectively. So, you can buy out of this generation according to your requirements.   

Honda unicorn

Honda unicorn was also launched by HMSI (Honda motorcycle and scooter India) in 2004. It is also known by the name CBF150M. The structure and idea of the engine were taken from the engine of CRF150F. The best thing about this bike is the design of the bike, which is manufactured according to the condition of roads in India. This bike is the latest version of CBZ classic because the engine was taken from its previous model. \

There are many features that are included in the latest version of this bike, like a two-way air jacket, a diamond frame, etc. The initial version of this bike only consists of a kick start with an operation self-starter. They had ensured that it could accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h in 5 seconds. This bike was launched with the major objective of giving competition to Bajaj pulsar and TVS apache.     


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