6 weed myths fit guys can ignore

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The legality of smoking weed is one of the most controversial topics in the 21st century. The questionable suspension of the American athlete Sha’Carri Richardson, for testing positive for cannabis has led to a heated debate worldwide. Cannabis usage in sports is taboo even though many athletes secretly use it. Professional athletes smoke weed to combat pain without needing pills to recover quickly. Many retired champions from the NBA and NFL have confessed to having used, marijuana during their best games. With weed having been legalized in a few states in the US, the stigma around weed is finally challenged. BR X 4/20 was a project that aimed at challenging the stigma around weed. It contains videos of real-life athletes who have admitted to consuming the same for better pain management.

Aside from usage in professional sports, it is consumed by the common man because of properties like decreasing inflammation, helping in pain management, and stress relief. Smoking weed is the most effective form of consuming marijuana. Peak blood concentrations of THC occur 3 to 8 minutes after you smoke. Using a dry herb vaporizer Is one of the most effective ways to consume weed. Webs make the dry herb hot enough to activate THC but not hot to create smoke. Dry herb vaporizer also allows precise temperature control and it’s far more flexible to use since you don’t require vaping oils.

 Irrespective of its mass usage, weed continues to be demonized without any concrete evidence or explanation. Through this article, we are going to explore common myths involving the usage of weed in fitness.

1. Myth: Smoking weed makes you gain weight

Contrary to popular stereotypes, there is evidence that cannabis interacts with receptors which helps increase metabolism. Cannabis also helps improving sleep hence it helps in weight loss. As it reduces stress, one tends to eat a lesser number of calories once they smoke weed. Cannabis also increases mobility because of reduced pain which, in turn, helps people lose weight. The CBD compound counteracts certain effects of THC including its appetite-boosting effects.

2. Myth : Weed will make you lazy and unfit for working out

In Millennial culture, the media has promoted the stereotype of marijuana users as fat, lazy guys, sitting on their couch eating junk food. This image doesn’t hold in today’s times considering a vast population of athletes use marijuana. For example, a new study reported that a good 50% of smokers felt that getting high Motivated them to go to the gym. Contrary to popular stereotypes, THC compound might activate an artificial feeling of runners high, which in turn makes you crave more of the feeling by going out for a run. During long boring workouts, Marijuana is a boon because of its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory abilities. It’s easier to perform a repetitive workout if your muscles aren’t aching and sore. Research also suggests that cannabis Helps asthma patients by dilating the bronchioles. It also helps improve concentration during a workout. However, it is best for stable workouts like lifting, not for high-intensity movements.

3. Myth : Unlike cigarettes, smoking weed is safe for your health

Smoking marijuana is far healthier than smoking tobacco. Smoking weed for a long time however can increase your chance of chronic bronchitis. Doctors recommend that you vaporize the whole flower instead of smoking. Cannabis smoke contains similar carcinogens as cigarette smoke. Marijuana smoking does not increase cancer risk however the tar affects your lungs. Marijuana smoking may cause visible and microscopic injury to the lungs that are irreversible damage. Vaping provides a fine mist that gets you high instead of the toxic smoke associated with combustion. Edibles are problematic because it takes more than an hour to activate. Vaping the oil can lead to inhalation of vitamin E acetate, hence it is best to use a dry herb vaporizer to vaporize the flower instead. Here are a few suggestions you could use before buying your portable vaporizer

4. Myth : Marijuana does not benefit fit people beyond making them high

As we have seen earlier, marijuana is useful in relaxation and inducing sleep. There is a huge population of athletes who use it post-exercise to relax and to increase oxygenation to muscles. A high population of individuals who workout have high levels of cortisol or stress hormone. Cannabis can help calm the body and mind and manage hormonal stress. CBD component in weed has health-promoting effects like killing cancer cells or increasing cognitive performance in mice. Depending on the percentage of the components in marijuana, one can use weed to promote good health.

5. Myth : Marijuana is a performance-enhancing drug

A 2018 study (which included the head of the world anti-doping agency. Dr Alan Vernec), has explicitly reviewed medical literature and concluded that there was no evidence for cannabis use as a performance-enhancing drug.  Cannabis may facilitate relaxation and reduce anxiety which may indirectly be perceived to improve performance. But it does not enhance performance as reviewed in the literature.

6. Myth : Marijuana affects muscle growth

An adamant number of people still continue to insist that marijuana Impairs muscle growth. Some say that the THC component in weed may impair muscle building however the study that states so has used an abnormal dose of THC to obtain such a result. On the other hand, CBD has proven to counteract the harmful effects of THC on muscle building. So, in practice consumption of THC-rich strains would require absorbable CBD oil to support muscle growth. One shouldn’t necessarily use it around the time of working out. However, you could use it at other points of the day to help relax the body and support muscle recovery.

Ultimately when it comes to exercise and physical activity it is recommended that one does not use it if one requires fine motor skills (sports like to navigate through the exercise. However, smoking it at various points of the day, hours before or after a workout will surely help in staying fit. You can experiment with various doses of THC and CBD to find your beneficial combination. Vaporizing the dry herb is indeed the best form of consuming weed and very easy to use. We hope this article gave you an overall picture of how marijuana interacts with one’s fitness regime.


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