Find lake Travis real estate that is ideal for new families! Here are some family-friendly neighborhoods


Looking to move to Texas? Go ahead and feel at ease by doing some research beforehand to see which neighborhoods are the best for you and your children! Instead of just choosing a house based on the exterior appearance or amenities, you need to make sure that you are moving into a safe area with a good school system if you are moving with your entire family.

Looking at Lake Travis real estate? Make sure you choose a safe and friendly neighborhood that is good for children!

Lake Travis is a popular area in Texas that borders the Colorado River and the Mansfield Dam. Known as one of Austin’s best neighborhoods in terms of scenery, outdoor activities, amenities, and safety, Lake Travis is also home to luxury estates, huge mansions, family friendly-houses, and master-planned communities that are good for people of all ages.

Let’s look at some of the best neighborhoods for families in Lake Travis that have a wide variety of housing types and outdoor amenities for children! Click here to learn more about Lake Travis real estate.

Spanish Oaks

Spanish Oaks is a beautiful Lake Travis neighborhood that is one of the most desirable areas in the entire state! A 1,200-acre master-planned community that borders the Little Barton Creek recreational area, this neighborhood features single-family homes, garden homes, and unique styling that is reminiscent of living in Europe instead of Texas.

Families can move here and enjoy the 24/7 concierge and various amenities for parents and children, such as sports and fitness facilities, a rustic bait shop on a 3-acre lake, a 3-tier pool, and plenty of nature preserves for children to play outside! 


Sweetwater is a relaxing haven near the city of Austin. A 1400-acre master-planned community with gorgeous houses, incredible amenities, and outdoor opportunities, this development is dedicated to country living with close proximity to a city. Influenced by natural beauty, the family homes here feature incredible European design elements like exposed wood beams and native stone. Children and parents can enjoy the pool, recreational areas, hiking trails, sports courts, playing fields, and upscale shopping centers nearby.

Rough Hollow

Arguably one of Lake Travis’s best neighborhoods, Rough Hollow is an 1800-acre community that is tight on the waterfront. When looking at Lake Travis real estate, this neighborhood is one of the most picturesque areas in the entire town! Containing 19 neighborhoods in six different sections, each residence here has its own unique detailing and styling that makes it feel like you are living in a house customized for you.

With various price points and budget ranges that work for families of all income levels, this Lake Travis real estate is a great choice for young families.


When looking at Lake Travis real estate, young families need to make sure they find an area with a wide variety of houses, outdoor recreational opportunities, plenty of amenities, safety, and a good school system. For those relocating to Lake Travis, consider browsing houses in Sweetwater, Rough Hollow, or Spanish Oaks to find the house for you and your family’s dreams! 


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