The V Shape Face: Natural Remedies and Facial Massages

V Shape Face

Women across the globe are always looking for ways to improve their v shape face. A v-shaped face is considered a beautiful and attractive feature, but some people just don’t know how to get it!

One of the most sought-after remedies would be specialised treatments which you can learn about in this great post to read. But, If you are looking for a more cost-effective, at-home remedy, then we got you covered.

In this article, we will give you natural remedies that will help you achieve your v shape goal in no time. These techniques are very simple and painless, so there’s really nothing stopping anyone from trying them out! Along with these great tips, I am also going to include facial massages.

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are a great way to keep v shape face looking v-shaped. One of our favourite natural remedies is keeping your skin hydrated! For those with dry or brittle skin, try using an exfoliant and moisturiser every day. Another one of our favourites is eating protein-rich foods like eggs or fish so that you have more collagen in the body – which will create better elasticity in the v-shaped area on your lower cheekbones.

But, those are not the only natural remedies to achieve a v-shaped face. Many natural remedies can help you achieve your v shape goal!

Drink water

The v-shape face is all about having healthier, glowing skin. A food diet that is rich in fresh fruits and veggies will give your skin a boost of vitamins. Drinking plenty of water every day will also make your complexion more hydrated, which means it’ll be easier for our facial muscles to contract and relax the right way to get those v’s popping out!

Consume Collagen-Rich Foods

Collagen is an essential protein found within bone joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and teeth and hair follicles. Eating foods high in collagen-like fish (salmon), beef or chicken can actually improve the appearance of one’s overall v shape face by boosting the volume of the skin on your cheeks and jawline.


When it comes to v shape face, exercise is a crucial component. V-shaped faces are indeed the result of muscle tone, and exercise can help sculpt your cheeks into v shapes while simultaneously reducing fat in other parts of the face!

Not only will v-shaped faces be more evident when you exercise, but your skin will become healthier and more elastic.

Facial Massages

Facial massages are the key step in achieving a v-shaped face. Be gentle when you massage your jawlines, as this area often causes tension and can lead to headaches or migraines if not taken care of properly. Massaging both sides of your forehead is also important for those with v-shaped faces because it helps reduce wrinkles on one side while reducing them globally throughout the rest of the head.

We’ll talk more about the facial massages you can perform to achieve that v-shaped face you have been longing for.

Facial Massages

A facial massage also stimulates collagen production by increasing circulation and breaking down protein deposits (dead cells) found deep within our pores. Facial massages are very relaxing, so I recommend adding this technique into your beauty routine if you’re serious about getting those v shapes popping out!

Here are some of the facial massages that will help you achieve v shape face.

  • Fish Massage: This type of facial massage involves using the knuckles to apply pressure in a circular motion on both sides of your cheeks.
  • Forehead and Jawline Massages: These types of massages involve holding onto the chin or jawline, then applying small light taps all across until you reach your desired v shape goal!
  • Cheekbone Massage: This type of massage is done by applying pressure to the v-shape area on your face, which will help with v shape appearance.
  • Nose Massage: This type of massage is done by using the knuckles to apply pressure on either side of your nose bridge.
  • Eyebrow and Forehead Massages: These types of massages involve holding onto the eyebrows (near temples) or forehead, then applying small light taps all across until you reach the v-shape goal!

Specialised Treatments to Achieve the V-Shape Face

If you do not see v shape results from these natural remedies, it may be time to consult a v-shape specialist. They’ll help you get the v shapes you want for your face through either facial exercises or specialised treatments like Botox (which paralyses muscles and therefore reduces their volume).

Here are some of the treatments:


This type of v shape treatment is done by injecting a small amount of Botulinum Toxin into the v-shape area on your face. The toxin interrupts nerve signals to muscles that cause them to contract, which reduces muscle volume and gives you v shapes!

Chin Fillers

The v-shape chin fillers are done by injecting collagen into the v shape area (underneath your jawline). This type of specialised treatment helps to smooth out v shapes and give you v shapes.


A neck lift is a form of surgical procedure where the skin on the front, sides or back of the neck is pulled tight so that it appears longer than before surgery. Neck lifts can also be combined with liposuction or facial implants for more drastic results!

Face Lifts

This v shape face lifting technique involves either removing excess fat from beneath your cheekbones, using tucks in muscles to tighten them up or both! Facelifts work wonders when used in conjunction with other treatments like Botox injections because they help reduce wrinkles as well as v shape appearance.


Another v-shape treatment is the v shape HIFU procedure. This type of v shape treatment uses a laser to heat tissue on your face, which causes blood vessels and muscles around them to shrink for effectively v shapes!

Now that you have your choices of natural and specialised remedies, you’ll need to keep in mind that you may need to make some adjustments if you’re aiming for natural remedies. That is because these treatments can take weeks or months before they start showing results (compared with Botox injections, which show immediate effects). So it might be worth doing both types of v-shape procedures together so that you’ll have instant gratification as well as effective long-term v shapes at all times!


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