What to Expect in Burning Crusade Classic Phase 2

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The release day of WoW Classic TBC was fire but since then, things have started to slow down a bit. Make no mistake, a lot of players are having fun with Burning Crusade Classic still, but around this time, they’ve most likely finished all of the available quests and farmed a lot of WoW TBC gold. Plus, they probably have the latest and best TBC items in the market right now. So, what’s next for the re-imagining of the expansion? Thankfully, the upcoming Phase 2 is sure to kick things up into high gear once more. TBC Classic has indeed provided players with a much-needed update to the otherwise “outdated” game. With the expansion having a new continent in the Outland, 10 new levels of content, and several new endgame-worthy scenarios, there’s still lots of meat left on the bone. But one can’t help but feel hyped for Phase 2 of Burning Crusade Classic since it’s a big release. So just what can we expect going into the soon-to-be-released update? Let’s find out.

A New LFG Tool as A Quality-Of-Life Feature

Phase 2 looks to add a bunch of quality-of-life features for Burning Crusade Classic such as Druids’ Swift Flight Form and Guild Bank, but what we’re most excited about is the “Looking for Group” tool that’s slated to hit the servers once Phase 2 launches. Back in original Burning Crusade days, if a player wanted to join a group, they would have to scamper around the Looking for Group, Trade, or General chat channels since there was no actual in-game interface to look for a group. This made the process of trying to party up with others immensely difficult. Over time, it’s become widely accepted that the LFG channel will be and always be a mess. Trying to find a group was difficult during those times. Luckily, the addition of an add-on called the LFG Bulletin Board that’s coming in Phase 2 should help the folks out there who are still fumbling over trying to look for a party. The tool allows players to recruit other people to go on dungeons or raids but in an easier manner. Although the process isn’t fully automated since players still have to do all of the legwork trying to bring other fellow players for the ride, it’s at least a step in the right direction. This will surely help players who are trying to get raid-exclusive TBC items and tons of WoW TBC gold by doing dungeons.

The Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern

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Along with the new tool, there will be two raids coming to Phase 2 of Burning Crusade Classic called Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern. According to Blizzard, the raids will be released in their “pre-nerf” state. This allows players to play through their encounters the same way they did back in 14 years ago during the release of the original Burning Crusade, Players are hoping that the two raids will at least be somewhat playable compared to back then. Serpentshrine Cavern was notably impossible to do due to its extreme difficulty. While it’s still sure to be a challenge for players of all skill and gear levels, we’re hoping that it’s not too hard where it’s almost like playing a Dark Souls game in Nightmare mode. Tempest Keep, while not necessarily tough, was a wreck due to how buggy it was during release. This will presumably be fixed this time though. 

Another good news for folks that are active on their guilds is that the PvE content for Burning Crusade Classic will be nerfed when Phase 2 officially launches. This is perfect for guilds that used to struggle in finishing raids in Phase 1.

Final Thoughts

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Phase 2 will no doubt quench the thirst of the players who are begging Blizzard to have new content for Burning Crusade Classic. There’s no definite answer yet as to when it’ll be released, but should Phase 2 follow the pattern of patches that were released for the game so far, then it’s possible to see the update hitting the servers anywhere between the end of August or late September 2021. Take note that TBC just launched a few months ago, so considering that, all of this is happening relatively faster than one would expect. Two new raids to farm WoW TBC gold and TBC items and the LFG tool are just the tip of the iceberg. Once Phase 2 is fully out, players can expect to have more goodies in store for hit MMO. What do you think of the WoW TBC Classic Phase 2? Let us know down below.

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