Brilliant DIY Ways to Make Your Hobbies Work with Minimal Space


Fighting to carve out a little time for your personal hobbies is a struggle in and of itself, and this struggle is often made so much worse by a lack of spaces where you can engage in your hobby. Far too often it is impossible to dedicate an entire room to your hobbies, and as a result it can be difficult to find anywhere to pursue them. Fortunately, there are some DIY solutions to creating space for your hobbies.

Working with Resin & Molds

One brilliantly creative hobby that often needs a fair bit of space is resin crafting. By creating molds and filling them with resin, you can create beautiful and hardy sculptures of almost anything you like with the right mold. However, at the least your resin needs time to set after it has been poured into the mold.

Making a Space to Set Your Resin. Creating an area for your resin to set should not be too difficult, mainly requiring you to have a steady, level area that is unlikely to be knocked or shaken. This could be done by setting a table to one side, or even by using some fixings, from somewhere like Tradefix Direct, in order to set a shelf into a wall to use for setting your molds.

Printing and Painting Minis

If you happen to be a big DND or Warhammer fan, or even if you just happen to like crafting and painting minis, then you might be finding that you need your own space for your hobby. Often, a 3D printer is the best way to create new minis, and that means that you are going to need an area to let your minis print, as well as an area where you can paint them, and a good place to store all of your minis.

Mini Crafting Zone. This can probably be achieved in as little space as the corner of a room. You could start by building a wall bracketed shelf to hold all of your minis, this will allow you to display your completed minis and keep them from damage. Then you could use a pair of tables or desks to allow you to paint and print in peace.


Finally, another hobby that requires a good amount of personal space to be able to engage with properly is woodworking. By its nature, woodworking is a messy hobby, and it often needs a fairly large area to get to grips with properly. You need a lot of equipment and a place to work on your projects, along with an out of the way place that your projects can be placed, to allow lacquer to set and so on.

Building a Workshop. This range of requirements for woodworking as a hobby generally means that the best thing you can do to help set up your woodworking hobby is to build yourself an entire workshop. There are a few ways to do this, but building a shed workshop is generally the best way to ensure that it stays separate and that your projects will not be disturbed.


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