Statistics About Bitcoins and CryptoCurrencies


It is no doubt, Bitcoin has become the world’s most popular cryptocurrency today. Founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Bitcoin now seems to be a center of interest to financial investors.

Here are two points that will wow you if you, too, are an financial investor and most importantly a fan of Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin once reached an all-time high value of just over $65,000 per token.
  • The token is currently valued at $49,270.70, which isn’t as high but is still the most valuable cryptocurrency out there. 

Craze of Bitcoins in social media platforms-

A recent study revealed about 28,866 daily social media posts concerning Bitcoin, its prices, current events, and news developments. That’s more than 1,200 posts every hour and roughly a post every three seconds.

Surprisingly, Bitcoin Isn’t the Largest Crypto. Tether is!

What and who is Tether? Where did this particular form of cryptcurrency come from? How did it beat the legendary BTC? Tether, pegged to the value of the US Dollar (and is thus called a stablecoin, since its price isn’t as volatile as other cryptos), proved to be the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization on February 22, showing up with an astounding $108.77 billion compared to Bitcoin’s much smaller $56 billion. 

The surprising thing is that Tether was never the steady riser that Bitcoin was. In fact, up until recently, several state officials were the critics of Tether since the US Dollar didn’t 100% get back the token. This token is currently close to seeing the worldwide adoption that Bitcoin did. 

There’s 667 Million Types of Crypto-Malware Floating Around

Ever noticed your computer slowing down? This surprisingly may occur due to the occurrence of any crypto-malware.These malicious pieces of software install themselves onto your system and mine for crypto in the background, increasing your power consumption while terminally reducing performance. There are also several safety concerns with these since they sometimes transmit personal details. 

A study found that by January 2020, there were slightly more than 600 million types of crypto-malware floating around. If you don’t have an antivirus… honestly? We don’t even want to think about it. 

Ethereum Saw More Than a Million Daily Transactions Last Year

It’s 2021, and while the crypto craze is certainly going strong, it’s nowhere near the levels of hype it had reached back in 2020. Just one of the many things corroborating that fact is that Ethereum, which hosts the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency called Ether, saw more than a whopping million transactions almost every single day in 2021. It maintained this through February 2021 with 1.2 million transactions, whereas Bitcoin only got 272,000 on trustworthy exchanges like Coinbase and Bitcoin mining a popular exchange recently.

$6 Billion of Bitcoin Transactions Made Online Daily

If you need a sharp reminder of Bitcoin’s astounding success on the crypto market, here’s something to hammer that in: in 2020, Bitcoin alone was responsible for more than $6 billion of daily online transactions. We’re talking about a single token here, not the field of cryptocurrency as a whole. 

In fact, Bitcoin was so popular that it was only surpassed in daily online transactions by two of America’s most extensive payment services: MasterCard ($16.2 billion) and VisaCard ($30.3 billion).

65% of All Crypto Owners Are Also Bitcoin Owers

Tether might have surpassed Bitcoin in market capitalization, but Bitcoin’s seat on the throne of being the most popular crypto remains unchallenged at the end of the day. According to statistics released by several exchanges and study groups, Bitcoin has almost 70% ownership among cryptocurrency users. Out of these, 40% of Bitcoin owners are HODLing,only 11% use it to pay for different kinds of goods and services, and the other 22% use it to lend and stake. 

The Bottom Line

If there’s something you should take away from these statistics, it’s that the world of crypto never stops changing. There are always new developments, new regulations in some country or the other, or even important blockchain news that you should keep track of. With mass adoption and restrictions loosening up around the globe, these statistics are just a few of the many to come. So, in cases you are planning to stick to bitcoin for further investment options, it will definitely be a good idea.


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