Everything to know about a chemo hat

chemo hat

Chemotherapy (one of the cancer treatments) can have a terrible impact on a person’s hair and can devastatingly affect a person’s overall appearance. It is essential to strengthen them with supporting words and provide them with a caring and friendly environment. 

It is essential to boost their immune system by providing nutritious food and undisturbed rest. Certain accessories like chemo sleep hats can significantly help to rest. It is warm and comfy for the scalp and enhances sleep quality.

Chemo hats

These are exclusive headcovers specially designed for patients who have lost their hair in chemotherapy. The ultimate aim of these chemo hats is to comfort the patients with their soft and non-irritant fabric. 

What makes a good chemo hat?

Proper fit and shape 

It is the top-most quality feature to be checked before buying a chemo hat. Most people prefer full head coverage. So the chemo hat should be deep enough to cover the entire scalp and reach the whole neck. Only extended coverage can conceal hair loss. 

Types of fabric 

Cancer treatments leave the head dry and sensitive, so a soft fabric is an ideal option. Cotton and bamboo are the two top choices of many. These fabrics are lightweight and easy to wash frequently and dry. Other materials include fleece, lycra, polyester, silk, and straw. With so many choices, one can choose according to the weather conditions in their place.


Whenever one buys a chemo hat, one must invert the cap and check the seams to make sure that seams are not too rough. The function of seams inside a cap is to keep the hat in a fit position. So, some manufacturers tend to keep it rough, causing skin irritation. 


Cancer patients are in pain and despair. They need comfort, confidence and empowerment. The visible change in their appearance with hair loss can remove a large chunk of their faith. 

Chemo hats help them maintain a good appearance. There are many colours and patterns to choose from. It is also very stylish, and one can use it as an elegant hat after the treatment and even after hair grows.


Most chemo hats tend to stick to the scalp, though comfortable. Many people do not like them as it exposes their baldness. A hat with good volume (extra but well-knitted cloth) can give an illusion of hair, and people love it. 

How to buy one?

There are numerous online stores to get one. You can check their websites and pick the right size, favourite colour, and pattern. There are many different kinds of chemo hats as well. 

Different types of chemo hats

There are different styles available. You can try everything and pick up the best style that suits you. 

Turbans – Chemo turbans are chemo hats that look simple yet fashionable. It is easy to wear and comfortable for the patients. You can dress up for any occasion with suitable accessories. Providing a dual advantage, chemo turbans also work as chemo sleep hats. 

Scarves – It is the most versatile piece among all the chemo hats. It is also appreciated for its feminine look. It is also flexible in creating various styles. One can also find scarves with tie or untie options. 

Hats with hair – This can make a cancer patient very comfortable. It is a combination of both hat and hair. Those who are not very comfortable with wigs can opt for this. It is better than wigs as the hats are softer on the scalp than a wig, and it does not fail to give the satisfaction of having hair. 

Finally, it is essential to take special care of the chemo hats by washing them in cold water with mild detergents and storing them in a complex dry place. It is not wise to ignore the maintenance as it can irritate the skin during later use.


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