How to Make the Most Out of a Weekend in Milwaukee


Traveling for a weekend away usually conjures the idea of a beach or a ski resort: but there are so many other options out there!  If you’re ready to make the most out of a weekend in Milwaukee: here’s everything you should consider! 

Plan Before You Go

Before you make a trip to Milwaukee: take the time to plan.  This is a medium-sized city, but there’s still so much to see and do while you’re here!  Endless seasonal and rotating fun and entertainment comes through this city, so it’s vital that you take the time to consider what you’ll want to do while you’re here. 

Rent a Car

Although Milwaukee isn’t a massive city: the public transit here isn’t the best.  If you’re planning on traveling to this awesome city and don’t want to get lost or deal with sitting on a bus for half of it: take the time and funds to rent a car.  This decision will allow you to explore the city like a local and encourage you to have more fun instead of having to schedule your fun around when a bus might be picking you up!

Enjoy the Indoors and Outdoors

Every part of this city is a dream come true: especially if you love a great work-life balance.  Whether you’re stopping in at the UW Milwaukee Panther Arena or you’re checking out the many different parks in Downtown Milwaukee, you’ll love the mix of indoors, and outdoors you can find here.

This will encourage you to stay active while on vacation and may give you a glimpse into the awesome work-life balance the average person here has! 

Plan Around an Event

When traveling: take the time to plan around an event that’s happening in the city.  This could mean one of the many carnivals this city hosts or a concert by a musical performer you love.  This gives you a base to structure your weekend around instead of randomly picking things to see and do and hoping you’ll create a schedule.

This also means you can plan to meet up with locals!  Getting to know folks in the area could give you the opportunity to know Milwaukee better than you would as a tourist alone!

Get In the Tastes!

The tastes of Milwaukee are a big deal!  From the world-famous cheese and dairy to the even more famous beers and booze: you have a lot to try while you’re here.  Make sure to check out the local restaurants like Mader’s or Calderone Club, both of which offer a lot of fantastic food and awesome entertainment.

The flavors in Milwaukee are equal parts exciting and comfort-food, which give you the chance to feel like you’re at home while still traveling.  It’s the perfect mix and no mystery why so many people who visit start looking for Milwaukee houses for sale

Milwaukee is a Fantastic Weekend Destination! 

If you’re eager to get away and enjoy a weekend somewhere that feels like a dream come true: Milwaukee is where you should be headed.  Consider visiting soon!


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