Super Mario Flagpole: What Happens When Mario Completes A Level?


The Super Mario series of video games is one of the most iconic and enduring franchises in the history of gaming. One of the defining features of the series is the end-of-level flagpole that Mario must reach in order to complete each level. When Mario successfully reaches the flagpole at the end of a level, several things happen that signal his victory and progress in the game.

Reaching the Flagpole

In most Super Mario games, the flagpole is located at the end of each level, and the player must guide Mario to jump and grab onto the pole to complete the level. The closer Mario is to the top of the flagpole when he grabs it, the higher his score will be. Players are often challenged to time their jumps and movements carefully to maximize their score by reaching the very top of the flagpole.

Flagpole Animation

As Mario grabs onto the flagpole, there is a signature animation that plays out to signify the completion of the level. Mario slides down the pole, and the player can control his descent by moving left and right to collect any floating coins and bonuses along the way. The animation adds a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as Mario finishes the level.

Level Clear

Once Mario reaches the bottom of the flagpole and lands on the ground, a fanfare plays to celebrate the completion of the level. The words “LEVEL CLEAR” or “GOAL” typically appear on the screen in large letters to indicate that Mario has successfully finished the level. This moment is a rewarding experience for players, especially after overcoming various obstacles and challenges throughout the level.

Score Tally

After the level is cleared, the game tallies up the player’s score based on various factors, such as coins collected, enemies defeated, and time taken to complete the level. The final score is displayed on the screen, allowing players to track their progress and aim for higher scores as they continue to play through the game.


Completing a level and reaching the flagpole signifies progression in the game. Mario moves on to the next level or world, facing new challenges and adventures along the way. The flagpole serves as a checkpoint of sorts, marking the player’s journey through the game and motivating them to continue playing to see what comes next.

Bonus Areas

In some Super Mario games, reaching the top of the flagpole or meeting other specific criteria can unlock bonus areas or hidden paths that lead to additional levels or rewards. Players are encouraged to explore different ways to complete levels and discover these secrets for a more immersive gaming experience.


The flagpole in Super Mario games is not just a simple marker of the end of a level; it is a symbol of achievement, progress, and fun. It represents the core gameplay mechanics of the series and the sense of adventure and exploration that has captivated players for decades. So, the next time you guide Mario to the top of the flagpole, take a moment to appreciate the journey and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I go back to previous levels after completing them in Super Mario games?
  2. In most Super Mario games, once you complete a level and move on to the next one, you cannot go back to previous levels within the same playthrough. However, some games offer features like level select or world maps that allow you to revisit completed levels at a later time.

  3. What happens if Mario fails to reach the flagpole in a level?

  4. If Mario fails to reach the flagpole at the end of a level, he may lose a life and have to restart the level from a checkpoint or the beginning, depending on the game’s mechanics. Players are encouraged to practice their jumping and timing skills to successfully complete each level.

  5. Do all Super Mario games have flagpoles at the end of levels?

  6. While the flagpole is a prominent feature in many classic Super Mario games, not all games in the series utilize flagpoles as the end-of-level marker. Some games have different end-of-level goals or variations on the flagpole concept, adding variety to the gameplay experience.

  7. Can I earn extra lives by reaching the top of the flagpole in Super Mario games?

  8. In some Super Mario games, reaching the top of the flagpole can reward players with extra lives or other bonuses. This incentivizes players to aim for higher scores by timing their jumps carefully to maximize their rewards at the end of each level.

  9. Is there a specific technique for reaching the top of the flagpole in Super Mario games?

  10. To reach the top of the flagpole in Super Mario games, players can practice precision jumping and timing to ensure Mario grabs onto the pole at the highest point possible. Experimenting with different strategies and learning the level layouts can help improve your chances of reaching the top consistently.

  11. Does the height of the flagpole affect gameplay or progression in Super Mario games?

  12. While reaching the top of the flagpole in Super Mario games can enhance your score and provide additional rewards, the height of the flagpole does not typically impact gameplay or progression in a significant way. Players are encouraged to strive for the top for personal achievement and bragging rights.

  13. Are there any alternative end-of-level markers besides the flagpole in Super Mario games?

  14. In some Super Mario games, there are alternative end-of-level markers, such as castles, fortresses, or goal posts, that signify the completion of a level. These variations add diversity to the level design and offer different visual cues for players to aim for as they progress through the game.

  15. Can players customize the appearance or design of the flagpole in Super Mario Maker games?

  16. In Super Mario Maker games, players have the ability to create their own custom levels and design unique flagpoles with different heights, placements, and visual elements. This feature allows for endless creativity and personalization in level creation within the Super Mario universe.

  17. Do different Super Mario games offer different rewards or bonuses for reaching the flagpole?

  18. The rewards and bonuses for reaching the flagpole in Super Mario games can vary depending on the game’s mechanics and scoring system. Some games may offer extra lives, power-ups, or secret areas based on how well you perform at the end of each level, adding replay value and excitement to the gameplay experience.

  19. Why is the flagpole such an iconic symbol in the Super Mario series?

    • The flagpole has become an iconic symbol in the Super Mario series due to its role as a classic end-of-level marker that has been featured in numerous games throughout the franchise. Its simple yet effective design, coupled with the satisfying animation and rewards associated with reaching it, has made the flagpole a beloved and recognizable element of Super Mario gameplay.


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