How to Become a Blogger – Useful Tips


I know, you also want to know how to become a blogger, a profession that today is a lifestyle, a belief, a passion. It’s adventure. It is an exciting journey, in which every day you will have to test yourself, experiment, try, try again, know, study, make mistakes, and succeed.

The main problem is this: often those who approach the profession of blogger do it believing that all they need is a good knowledge of a good writing skills.

Wrong, very wrong. And I’ll explain why. To do this I need to start from the beginning.

Who is the blogger and who is not

Let’s start by clarifying who is not the blogger. The blogger is not a writing enthusiast or, better, he is not only a writing enthusiast, he is not a person who works sweeping right and is missing, now from that source now from that other.

The blogger is a marketing and communication professional, he is a communicator who tells stories that have the aim of making known, promoting, selling.

The blogger is a communicator responsible for the brand he is the spokesperson for and the message he conveys, is the mediator between the brand and its readers-customers, is an expert connoisseur of the web tool and its dynamics, is a curious explorer of new worlds and little known. And he is also a deep writing enthusiast.

What skills must the blogger possess?

The blogger is an eclectic professional, whose ability lies in mixing different skills. Furthermore, in doing so, it must enhance them with distinctive personalities and uniqueness. Only if it succeeds can the blogger write blog posts that are able to:

  • Convert, or to achieve a certain goal,
  • Communicate the brand and its identity,
  • Respect the characteristics and tone of communication of the brand,
  • To maintain his personality as a blogger,
  • Think about Google and SEO website positioning techniques,
  • Think about the reader to whom it is addressed.

Damn, you think, this profession of blogger is not a joke!  And no, I confirm you, so much so that the blogger’s travel luggage is chock full of skills and abilities also very different from each other, but all intersecting:

  • Must know the SEO techniques on-page and must be able to carry out the analysis of the keywords and the search intentions of the reader;
  • Must have a profound knowledge of the web and the blog tool, the specific behavioral, relational and communication dynamics;
  • Must know the language of the web, peculiar and characteristic;
  • Must have knowledge of blog writing techniques, including the specific importance of formatting and paratext;
  • Is a communication strategist, that is, he builds Content Marketing and blogging strategies designed to achieve the brand’s goal.

How to become a professional blogger

Having clarified this aspect, we can now describe how to become a blogger or specifically how to become the latest fashion blogger of the moment.

What should I do? Which path to follow? I don’t know if there is a predefined method to become a blogger, but what I can tell you is my experience, what I have done and which so far has given me great satisfaction and unexpected emotions.

The starting point is yourself. Study and observe, grind books, sector blogs, manuals, deepen your curiosities, observe very carefully what they do, how and when the experts of the sector and listen to the reactions of their target audience.

You can also take a good training course, in the classroom or online depending on your preferences and availability. Do they work? I can tell you mine.

I hold online training courses, via Skype, customized on the basis of the needs and skills already possessed by those who want to study to become a blogger and the feedback I receive allows me to tell you that it is an intense and useful training experience.

There are many well-structured web marketing courses that you can follow today, just take a tour online and you will be spoiled for choice. However, what matters at this early stage is to begin to understand:

  1. What are the relational and communicative dynamics of the Web?
  2. What are the peculiarities that characterize the writing dedicated to blogging?
  3. What marketing and communication techniques you need to use when writing your content;
  4. How to choose your content, the tone of voice and the language to use.

And again, you have to understand that it all starts with a careful blogging strategy that you have to define (and in detail) upstream, you have to start chewing on page SEO techniques , you have to understand how keywords and intentions are analyzed research of the reader and how to apply it to the choice and writing of your content.

After you have deepened your studies and that listening and observation has allowed you to receive other valuable information, it’s up to you to take action. You must begin to experience, to live and test on your skin all that you have studied in depth on a theoretical level.

How to do? You must open your own blog.

This is your gym, he will be your most precious and useful source of teaching. By starting blogging you will learn blogging. Test yourself, think of yourself as a brand that offers communication services, build your identity, plan your communication strategy, then your blogging strategy, structure an editorial calendar and start writing.

Listen and watch your readers, follow their suggestions because they will be able to show you which way to go to grow and improve, what to do to optimize your activities. It is by doing blogging that you can become a professional blogger.

But there is more. To make blogging your profession you need customers, people interested in your offer of services. How do you find these people? Your blog will be the tool you can rely on to promote yourself, to have visibility and make you known and appreciated as a professional in the sector.

Another valuable help will be offered by social networks, Facebook and LinkedIn above all. The first is essential for your brand awareness and to bring traffic to the blog (especially thanks to Facebook Ads), the second because if well used it is a source of qualified professional contacts, that is, interested in you.

Do you know what else is important for your profession? Learn how to take care of your customers every day , to satisfy them, to make you known and appreciated as a professional but also as a man, to become attached to them, to retain them, to get to know them and understand them better, so that they can meet their needs and can work with serenity. Customer care is an integral part of your blogging profession, don’t forget it.

And now you are wondering how to do it from a Commercial Licence Abu Dhabi? At the beginning, when there are still not many customers, you can manage your professional activity with the withholding tax, which allows you to minimize expenses.

What I wish you, however, is to take off and open your VAT number. Joys and sorrows, it’s true, but your dream is worth the rest.



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