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Rose is associated with ardent or intimacy sensation and red color refers to affection, admiration, and love, so when red or rose combined than an ultimate passion of adoring seems. Roses are the most romantic flower and mainly enduring symbol of romance and love. Shakespeare a renowned writer used this significant flower in his classic Romeo and Juliet. According to western culture, they believe that rose was created by the goddess of love, and red color is a sign of red blood that watered the ground and then a red bloom of rose grew there and become a symbol of adoring until death.

In Dubai, the severe weather often affects to keep roses or flowers fresh or to maintain its shape, but even then there is no less variety of roses perceive and noticed that florists have to hire additional help for their customers. Sometimes just because of the intensity of climate or inclement weather extreme measures are required to ensure that flowers are in its best condition.

Rose flower in Dubai is at its peak demand at Valentine’s Day. As it, research that from centuries rose is known as the flower of love and if someone wants to disclose his feelings of love and adore he\she must use this flower as a symbol of love. Almost all roses are beautiful and passionate and its royal or elegant meaning is crystal clear.

Rose A Flower OfLove

The vivacious deep color or its velvety petals carry the special significant message. Men and women send roses and the color of the flower also matters when they are serious about love and passion. Other than rose flowers, rose perfume also a sign of love and romance, and Turkish roses are used in perfumes normally. Roses are always been tangled with romantic juncture and stand for the everlasting adore and care.

Elegant Floral Bouquet of Roses

Roses are in a variety of colors, all looks awesome and its fragrance is sweeter than anything that’s the main reason for its uniqueness. When a bouquet of roses in different colors assembles then the looks and aroma both enhance the beauty of the bouquet.

The color of rose also depends on the message you are trying to convey your loved one.

  • White roses signify innocence, purity, and youthfulness and it’s also referred to bridal just because of young love and a new beginning or everlasting adore.
  • Yellow roses have a different meaning in the Victorian age and it signifies the feeling of jealousy but now it stands for friendship and caring behavior. As their bright yellow color conveys warmth and affection.
  • The orange color of roses denotes enthusiasm and energy. It also indicatesadmiration and excitement.
  • Pink roses denote the soft feeling and its bouquet is perfect to be served at mother’s day. Its pink petals stand for femininity and sweetness. The deep or hot pink roses symbolize appreciation and gratitude whereas its light pink color conveys the message of gentleness or joy.
  • The lavender stunning roses show enchantment or mystery, so if someone grabbed your heart it is perfect to send them.
  • Apple green roses are rare but show abundant growth and energy. Normally the light soothing green color leaves peace or stability to the human mind so if you want to make someone happy so must present a green rose bouquet.
  • Blue and black roses are rare but its dark color conveys the meaning of mysteriousness. These dark color roses used at the time of funeral or mourning.
  • Red roses always stand for passion or intensity of love and romance. It simply represents ‘I love you.’ Its red color represents bliss in the marriage so when you have a red rose in your hand then it shows the love for another person.

Bouquet of Red Roses Cost

Roses may differ at different vendors but it seems that all the red are the same, it’s not true they look alike but their smells and volume are not the same. That’s why it cost different from different shops. People usually purchase at some specific days so it sounds costly.

Roses are the flower that is mostly used in all the occasions either it belongs to happiness or sorrow. Roses mostly used in weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or some special occasions or days as well as at the moment of condolence like funerals. The local florist-designed the roses at its best level and anyone can judge their fabulous aesthetic sense.

Most men buy dozen of roses and delivered on 14th February.  The exchange of flowers or bouquets is traditional and not changed from centuries a rose is commonly used to express their intensity of love and adore. So the retail prices change with days.

Is Rose an Expensive Flower?

Normally for long stem roses cost $3.50 per stem, but if box and filler used to embellish the bouquet then it cost up to 50 dollars. It is always noticed that supply and demand of things affect the pricing of a given product, so traditionally when valentine’s day approaches the long-stemmed roses prices increases at once.

On 14th February on valentine’s day purchase or demand of roses increases, so it also influences the rate of prices all this for the reason that of immense volume or roses requirement for just one day.

Juliet roses rated the most expensive flower as it boasts large-headed and adds an ultimate charm in your garden. The reason for its expensiveness is it took more time to bloom and it is also rare and its beauty hidden in its soft peach color.

 Valentine’s Day Linked with Red Roses

A traditional symbol of romance, affection, and love is simply red roses. Every country either it has western or eastern values, allied red roses with the passion of love and romance. In 2020 again the red roses stand perfect for presenting on valentine’s day.  Rose flower in Dubai is famed at valentine’s day and the purchase of red roses boost on that day of love and the couples exchange the rose bouquet to express their immense feeling of adore and care.

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