6 Christmas Decoration Ideas With Canvas Prints That Will Inspire You

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Are you trying to complete your holiday decor with Christmas wall art? Get the wall art that speaks to you and brings you joy this holiday spirit with custom and unique canvas prints. Here we will talk about Christmas decoration ideas with canvas prints that will inspire you to help spread holiday cheer. Whether it’s paintings of Santa and his reindeer, snowy scenes of Jesus in the manger, or just a winter scene, we have options to help you prepare for the best holiday season yet. 

No matter your decorating style, canvas prints are an amazing way to deck the halls this year and turn your home into the go to place for Christmas. Read on as we give you some easy ideas for how to transform your home into a magical holiday wonderland.

Decorate for Christmas With These Canvas Print Ideas

Ready to decorate for Christmas with affordable canvas prints that encapsulate the spirit of the season? Here are a few ideas to get you in the holiday spirit. 

Santa Theme

We started off with a tried and true Christmas decorating theme that everyone loves. Not much says Christmas like Santa, and you can turn your home into the North Pole with a variety of canvas prints. 

Choose one stunning print of Santa with his reindeer, a couple of his sleigh and sack full of toys – a Santa theme is an easy and fun way to add a little magic into your home. Maybe you already collect Santa Claus figurines, making Santa Christmas canvas print decorations a no brainer.


Another idea on our list of Christmas decoration ideas with canvas prints is to stay a little more neutral and choose a snowman theme. We love this idea because there are so many different directions you can go with the home decor. Maybe you’re into cute cartoon canvas prints of a family of snowmen that could represent your family. Or, maybe you’ve taken a series of pictures of your children building snowmen throughout the years at your home and want to get those images printed.

Decorating your walls this holiday season with snowmen is easy because you’ll be able to find a plethora of snowmen themed items locally to complement your wall art.

Nativity Scene

Another idea when it comes to decorating your home with your style this holiday season is to decorate your walls with images from the Nativity Scene. Whether you’re focusing on the entire manger scene, just Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus, or maybe you’re more interested in the three wise men and the north star – the possibilities are endless.

Get back to the true meaning of Christmas with a stand alone canvas print of your favorite painted Nativity Scene.

Winter Wonderland

If Santa Claus and the Nativity Scene aren’t really your thing, we totally understand. Maybe you love winter because of the snow and the peace that seems to come with it. Transform your home into a winter wonderland with stunning canvas photos of snowy landscapes, snow covered mountain tops, wildlife enjoying the winter air, and more. 

Maybe you’re a bit of a winter sports enthusiast, and go skiing or snowboarding every year. Turn those ski-hill photos into beautiful prints you can cherish and remember every season when you pull out the Christmas decor. Especially if you’re not celebrating Christmas, decorating for winter can be easy and fun with snow covered scenes throughout your home.

Plaid, Red, Green, and White

An idea we’ve seen come up more and more, is to keep the theme of Christmas neutral and simple. Complement your trees and your stockings with canvas prints of green and red plaid artwork, red and green modern art with white lettering, and more. Create a gallery wall with a mix of Christmas colored artwork, and mix in Christmas quotes and sayings. A tastefully crafted gallery wall of artwork and text can create a cool and sophisticated look that everyone who visits this season will love. 

You don’t have to choose a theme to create that joyful and magical feeling during the holiday seasons. You can easily achieve something beautiful and calm and spread Christmas cheer with subtle decor that isn’t overwhelming and goes well with your other decor. 

Non Traditional

Here at Canvas Factory, we love it when people choose non traditional Christmas decor. Maybe you choose neutral canvas print with farmhouse style lettering of lyrics of your favorite holiday song. Maybe your home is full of dark and black accessories, and your holiday decorations are the same. We’ve also seen bright glittery decorations with pops of neon colors during the holiday season, and we love it! 

Whatever your decorating style or personality type, when your order custom canvas prints with us, you can make your home feel however you want.

Christmas Decoration Ideas With Canvas Prints

Now that you have a better idea of where to start when it comes to Christmas decoration ideas with canvas prints, you can make this holiday season the best one yet. We know that sometimes the holiday season can feel overwhelming and stressful. Having your home or office decorating for the season can put everyone into the mood. Hopefully we’ve given you a couple ideas to help you get exactly the look you want this year.

Canvas Factory makes shopping for Christmas decorations easy. Browse through all of our premade Christmas prints or upload your own photos. It’s so easy to get high quality canvas prints, all from the comfort of your home. From split canvas prints to large format canvas, we have a variety of options to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to decorating for the holiday season. 

Reach out to us today and let us answer any and all of your questions about the quality products we offer, how the ordering process works, and whatever else you need. At Canvas Factory, being high quality is our mission, and that includes our customer service.


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