The Top 5 Breathable Summer Fabrics You Must Add In Your Closet

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The summer season has just started making the temperature even hotter with each passing day. As the temperature rises, it makes every day work tougher and leads to sweating throughout the day. People have to suffer because of the hot scorching heat that even lowers their motivation to perform daily tasks.

The hardest part of summer is the selection of outfits as choosing the wrong one could make their day even worse. People often select the material that is not for the summer season and usually worn on cooler days, due to the unawareness of clothing fabrics. You need to wear outfits that are made of light-weight materials keeping you cool and dry even in the highest temperatures.

Summer fabrics should be soft and smooth so that you can work in summer without feeling hot. Have a look at the five best breathable fabrics that keep you comfortable this summer season.

  • Linen

Linen is the most used fabric in the summer season due to the high air permeability it possesses. It is stronger than cotton and is made from the fiber of the flax plant. It allows the body to breathe containing light fabric that is comfortable and relaxing. Linen fabric is considered a good conductor of heat due to the highly absorbent nature. Linen garments make you feel cool in the hot scorching heat of the summer season and remove the perspiration from the skin. Linen gets softer with every wash, giving you excellent long-term investment. Blazers and dresses made with linen become the lightest versions of themselves making every outfit light-weight. You need to take extra care of your linen clothes as this fabric wrinkles easily.

  • Seersucker

Seersucker is an ideal summer fabric that is versatile, breezy, and puckered. It is an all-cotton summer wear material that is commonly striped. Seersucker gives the charm of southern with its railroad stripe thin fabric, created with special weaving technique. Due to some tightly pulled strands, you don’t need to iron it, which makes it more popular than other summer fabrics. The puckered texture of seersucker clothes lifts it allowing air to pass through it. Another great advantage of this fabric is that dries really quick which benefits you when you’re battling with perspiration. The flowery multi-colored seersucker outfits are everyone’s favorite containing amazing details on dresses. Go for a seersucker light-weight jacket if you need to wear one to the office in summer.

  • Chambray

If you love denim but avoid wearing it in summer, then chambray is the best option for you. It is just like denim fabric having better ventilation that is light-weight and plain-weave. It is considered one of the finest densest materials for summer. Chambray is made of cotton fabric and often comes in the shades of blue. Although denim and chambray are super similar, denim is made with twice the amount of strands. Chambray weighs less than denim and is softer than other materials. It’s the excellent layering piece and the perfect fabric for casual-leaning occasions. You can make it look professional by tucking your chambray shirt into wide-leg pants or a skirt.

  • Cotton

Cotton has always been the top priority for most of the people in the summer season. It is a soft and fluffy fabric that is made from boll around cotton plants’ seeds. It’s the universal fabrics that you’ll find every other person wearing when the temperature rises. People with sensitive skin can completely rely on this super-smooth and natural fabric. Cotton allows airflow keeping you cool in the summer season preventing you from sweating. It’s the perfect staple for summer wardrobes for every man and woman. You can easily find clothes made of cottons like pants, shirts and even jumpsuits. Multiple designs are made on cotton fabrics to make it bloom in the summer season.

  • Performance

The Performance fabric is another common summer clothing material that is usually made from polyester. It can also be made from nylon or some other synthetic fabrics. This fabric is easy to clean and perfect for everyday wear in the hot temperature of the summer season. Performance material keeps you sweat-free by making the sweat evaporate on the shirt’s surface. It keeps you cool throughout the day and even during the workout which makes it a popular gym-wear fabric in Leather Jacket Store. It wicks moisture and dries you quickly giving you the perfect summer-wear outfits. It comes in funky printed shirts, leggings, and dresses that are softer, light, and fast-drying and even contains odor-fighting properties. Performance fabric makes simple stains come out with a single wash and also resist abrasion for the long-term.


As summer season brings lots of heat and rising temperature with it, everyone needs a perfect material to wear in such a season. Select the fabrics that help you combat the summer sweats. Choosing thick material will make you uncomfortable and even result in a massive sweat. You need to keep relaxed throughout the day by wearing soft and cool fabric. This article will help you know about the best summer-fabrics that keep you breathable during the hot season.


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