Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers and are strongly scented. There are hundreds of species of roses, and each of them is beautiful and attractive. Flowers are the best way to say out your inner feelings without using the words. These beautiful roses play a romantic symphony in the heart, and their pleasant aroma gives a delightful feeling to the mind. According to old mythology, it is believed that flowers have their language and depict various feelings and emotions with their different colors. Each color of rose is believed to be a message carrier which connects and transmits that lovely message to us. They spread fragrance in our lives and trigger a lovely feeling in the body. These lovely blooming flowers represent many phases of our lives and become a helping hand when we fall short of words and try to express the inner us without using the words.

In this article, we will be sharing the meaning of different colors of roses and the secret message that they carry with them. To transmit your feelings without the help of words, you can order flowers online and express yourself.


Red roses are the most popular among all the other shades and hues of roses. This deep red color of these flowers describes the feeling of love and is strongly associated with passion, romance, and desire. If you are ready to commit your love for your partner, then red roses are the best choice to do so. They are marked as the symbol of love in many old poems. A deep red rose represents your commitment and also lets the other person know that you have a deep passion for them. These roses are highly preferred on valentine’s day or the occasion of the anniversary. 


White roses are the best choice when you want to reflect your innocence. They also represent purity and youthfulness. You can mark your spiritual love with the help of these white color roses and can also reflect your pure love for someone. These roses hold a special place in nature and are loved for their meaning. To represent the charm and purity of your intentions and never-ending love, they are a good choice to go. It holds heavy emotions with their white color that will hit the other person in the right way.


Earlier yellow roses were believed to represent jealousy, which doesn’t make them a good choice to go, but later, with time, their meaning changed, and now yellow roses are meant to describe friendship. Friends are an important aspect of our life, and thus this lovely bond also deserved something to represent it. Well, yellow roses did justice to them, and now it is believed that they mark strong friendship. So, you can get yellow roses to express your true friendship to your friend. You can send flowers online to your friend to show them that you care for them.


Before committing your true love for someone, when you have that beautiful phase of life in between the friendship and the relationship, then to admire that phase and to give a kickstart to your relationship phase, you can opt for pink roses. Pink roses represent the beginning of the romance, and you can stand out of the queue by choosing them to confess your love rather than going for the red roses. These roses can also be used for congratulatory messages or can also be used to cheer up your friend. Their sweet light color will add more sweetness to your bond.


This colored rose looks gorgeous, and they are considered as the best option for romantic occasions. They also represent the glory and give mysterious vibes with their deep purple color. These roses are meant to give a romantic touch to your relationship, and you can use them as the token of romance. Purple roses bring out your romantic personality and help you to express your passionate love for your partner. You can easily get online flower delivery in Gurgaon and can put a smile on your partner’s face with your amazing choice in roses.

We hope that you loved this article explaining the meaning of different hues and colors of roses. We hope that you understood the language of roses well with the help of this article and will pick any one of them to transmit your eternal feelings.


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