Tips on How to Hang Curtains over Vertical Blinds

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Annotation 2020 06 11 180012

If you have vertical blinds and would like to hang curtains, here are some tips for hanging curtains in Dubai over vertical blinds. Whether you’re going to use blinds or not, it is an integral part of your home decor that you should pay attention to.

Where to hang the blinds

You’ll first need to decide where you want to hang the blinds. If you want them to go from the ceiling to the floor, you’ll need to use either a track or a pulley system. To do this, simply attach the blinds to the track or pulley system.

You’ll then have to attach the blinds. If the blinds have rails or hardware, you can place those in order from lowest to highest. If the blinds do not have the equipment, you may need to drill holes in the smaller piece to attach the lower piece to the rail.

Adjust the alignment of the blinds

Now you simply pull the curtains down to their lowest possible position. This will then cause the bottom rail to reach the top of the window. The second rail will then slide into the third rail on the other side of the window. You can adjust the alignment of the blinds as you do this so that the window is centered with the same view out of the window.

To do this properly, you’ll want to have the top and bottom Curtains in Dubai rods attached to the track or pulley system. If you don’t do this, you can damage the brackets. Once you’ve moved the window to the bottom of the window, you can start pulling the window out and place it back onto the blinds. At this point, you can adjust the blinds and ensure that they are perfectly aligned.

Make sure to adjust the rod to the top of the window 

To make sure that the window is absolutely in the middle of the window, you will need to place some support pieces under the window track or pulley system. After you’ve adjusted the window properly, you can place the rest of the rod through the track. Make sure to adjust the rod to the top of the window so that the window’s support rod is level with the top of the window’s track.

Ready to install the blinds

When you are ready to install the blinds, simply place the curtain rods over the tracks or pulley system and lock them in place. If you need to replace the rods, simply move them over the track or pulley system and re-lock them in place. You can then begin putting in the blinds.

Blinds across the length of the window

Make sure that you are putting the blinds across the length of the window, not across the window width, as you will need to re-position the curtain rods once the blinds are put in place. This is done by lifting the window and looking up through the window. Once you’re confident that the window is in the center of the window, you can repeat it for the other window.

After you have installed the curtain rods, you can then re-attach the top and bottom rods. Ensure that you do not allow any gaps in between the blinds and the rods. If there is a gap between the blinds, you’ll find that the blinds will not fit properly.

Make the room look like it is at the right angle 

To get the entire room looking its best, you’ll need to hang the blinds from the ceiling or attach them to the ceiling. You can then re-position the blinds and adjust them to ensure that they are in the middle of the window. This will make the room look like it is at the right angle.


Depending on the size of the window blinds, you will need to be careful about getting them in the center of the window. Sometimes it is easier to have them in the corners instead of in the middle of the window.

It is not only the homeowner who will benefit from how to hang curtains over vertical blinds. You can adjust Blinds and Curtains Dubai into the rooms of their employees.


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