Affordable and Professional Curtain Cleaning

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It is important to take care of the curtains regularly; the dust is collected by the curtains which can destroy its look. All the curtains come with instructions, it clearly says whether you can wash the curtains or they need dry cleaning. You can get help from professional curtain cleaning services as well. We are going to discuss how to spot clean curtains.

Dry clean curtains

If the coverings of your windows are made from the washable fabric, the seams and linings will shrink when you wash them. For the safety of the curtains, you should opt for the dry cleaning. You should dry clean the curtains and other elaborated ornamentation which may not give good results when washed.


The professional curtain cleaning services don’t wash or dry clean the special fabrics. You need to brush them with clothes dipped in the warm water, and they would look new. If you have silk curtains, you should hand wash them that too in the cool water and use dish detergents with them. Don’t wring or twist them, and you just need to swish these curtains.

What if curtains are exposed to the sun?

The fabrics of the curtains are destroyed when they are exposed to the sun. Make sure that you are using a gentle cycle when machine washing the curtains. Don’t use harsh chemicals, use mild detergent for it.

Wash curtains regularly

If you have sheer curtains, you need to wash them regularly even when they are giving a fresh look. When the dirt becomes prominent on these curtains, the color of these curtains would be gone. You need to clean these fabrics gently. If you are washing these curtains in the machine, make sure that half of the machine is empty so that they can easily rotate in it. Soak these curtains in the cold water as well for 5 minutes. Never use harsh chemicals, they would disturb the color of the curtains, whitening agent is also a good choice when washing curtains. You should run the machine gently for 3 to 5 minutes.

Curtain cleaning on a routine basis

Curtain cleaning services recommend that the curtains should be cleaned regularly; you should dust them weekly and drape them regularly using the vacuum cleaners. You can also use a soft broom with a long handle for the dusting of the curtains. Similarly, when you are using a vacuum cleaner, reduce the suction so that the fabric is not drawn to the nozzle of the machine. You can also use a screen of plastic between the nozzle and the fabric; it could prevent the fabric from getting into the nozzle.

If you are looking for professional help for the curtain cleaning, they will clean the curtains step by step.

  • These professional services ensure that the curtains are measured before washing as you need to stretch them back as well into their shape. They also make sure that the weights and hooks are removed before washing.
  • When you are cleaning the curtains, dust them by using a dryer, you can also shake them to let go of the dust or use a brush attachment for cleaning the dust from them.
  • The professional cleaners have modern machinery and make sure that the washing machine is not overloaded; the curtains become heavy when they are wet in the machine.
  • If you are planning to wash the curtains at home, don’t rub the fabric, gently agitate it.
  • When you are drying the curtains, dry them over the parallel lines to make sure that the wet surfaces are not touching each other. Similarly, never put the curtains on the wood; it would stain the curtains.
  • When ironing the curtains, stretch them gently for avoiding the puckering. You can spread curtains on any clear and clean surface, like a bed, and then pull them to their original size.
  • When the curtains are completely dry, insert weights and hook in them and then pull their tape for correcting the width of the curtains.
  • You can also iron the curtains while hanging as well, but that needs handheld steamer which can steam the curtains vertically and make them smooth.
  • When you are putting the curtains back, make sure that the valances which are fixed on the wall are clean. Vacuum them or wash them with detergent if needed.
  • Use a ladder for inserting the hooks when you are putting the curtains back, and make sure that they are not dragged on the floor; it would make them dirty again.


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