Worst and Best Dairy products (Milk Products)

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Hey, everyone!

Today we’re going to talk about the best and worst dairy products.

Okay, let’s start over here the ideal situation, is to find 100% grass-fed Organic, okay now they do have a something new called truly grass-fed, and that’s 95 percent grass-fed, so that’s pretty good. Still, when it says 100%, it has to be, I think 98%, not exactly 100. 

Even, it’sper cent close, now Organic means no pesticide no animal by-products and you know that means it means that they actually can put legally waste product of another animal into the feet and then we have something named BST.

This is a growth hormone, now Monsanto the company that sells this will tell you that this is safe there are no studies, etc. but then why did Canada not allow this hormone since 2000 Europe they haven’t let this since 1990. 

It’s been banned in Australia Japan, Israel, and Argentina. But only in America do we have the BST, we want to have our BST free dairy ideally grass-fed organic ghee would be healthy this is good.

For your gut, it’s a pure fat whole cream make sure it’s at least organic half and a half natural but try to get grass-fed the best cheese would be raw goat’s cheese or cheap fresh cheese and of course non-GMO but if you’re doing organic it’s going to be non-GMO.

Now, you can also do plain kefir, of course, organic and grass-fed and this has a much better friendly bacteria profile than yoghurt if you’re going to do yoghurt, Greek yoghurt is better because it has more protein and fewer carbs. But it still has also many carbs, if you’re going to do keto, so now over here you have grain-fed. 

okay I don’t know if you realize this, but they will feed cows grains soy and corn, and they’re usually GMO, so you’re getting exposure to glyphosate.

Okay, I would not recommend commercial milk or processed cheese commercial dairy products usually have the rbst in there, have antibiotics and animal by-products and sometimes when you’re doing keto people load up on the dairy the problem is that many many people have a casein allergy that’s the protein in the dairy.

So they’re getting bloating they’re getting all sorts of issues. Another big problem is lactose intolerance. 

This is the milk sugar because our bodies stop making lactase the enzyme that breaks down this milk sugar right around like five years old, so we have minimal amounts if any, so a lot of people get a lot of bloating diarrhoea when they consume milk products it’s not true.

Allergy it’s just blocking that enzyme and then when you’re going to the grocery store and buying just regular yoghurt that’s sweetened you’re getting you massive amounts of sugar. 

When you combine that fat with that sugar, it’s not right the only condition that you want to consume a high-fat diet.

Is when you’re doing a low-carb you never want to do high carb with high fat or even high carb with high protein, and this is why ice cream is, even more, deadlier because they’re putting so much fat and sugar at the same time you’re just going to just really spike the insulin and clog up your arteries also some of the so-called keto-friendly ice creams out there still have like 6 grams of sugar that are still too high.

I also have a tricky question!

Are eggs considered a dairy product or its meat?

I advise you to discover the answer.

So, you want this down to two or less a lot of people that are doing the keto program are dairy-free. They do very well because there are some problems with very potentially increasing the size of the prostate if you’re doing a lot of dairies especially this type of dairy also people are getting a lot of mucus reactions from dairy, so if you’re going to do dairy stick over here and try to do small amounts not large amounts all right.

Top Dairy to Withdraw Digestive Stress (Lactose Intolerance):

Okay, sir or madam, I’m going to give you my best dairy tip (according to Dr.berg).

A lot of people have lactose intolerance, they have allergies to milk however it may not be the lactose that you’re intolerant to or even an allergy, it could be something completely different but let me first cover the symptoms of usually what happens when a lot of people consume dairy.

They might get abdominal pain bloating gas nausea diarrhoea, okay, and they instantly think I’ll have an allergy, or they’re lactose intolerant but within the casein family.

There are two types, is one of the most common types of casein proteins that people are exposed to, and the problem is it increases inflammation okay. There are even some new links between feeding your children milk too early of an a.1 version and then developing diabetes type 1, and that’s very interesting.

Because a one uniquely attaches to the beta cell which is involved in diabetes type 1 now whether that’s totally 100% true or not I would recommend not exposing your child to the a1 version of casein at a very early age because their immune system is developing and if it is one of the triggers.

Then you want to avoid it alright guys, so here’s my best tip for dairy consume the a2 version of casein in the form of goat cheese or sheep cheese but not cow’s milk cheese unless you find a cheese that is at a two version all right guys!

Thank you guys for reading, and we hope this article Is useful for you.

Thanks again!


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