How to Brighten Up Your Wardrobe This Season?

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two girls 1828539 1280

Brightening up the wardrobe becomes essential when everyone around you is sporting the same black and grey outfits. This is such a dreary look in winters. Why don’t people opt for bright colors during that season! 

Recently, during my hunt for Pakistani online clothes in USA, I came across a couple of blogs that guided on how to brighten up the wardrobe. Here are all the ways to do so:

Team Shades of the Same Color

It all begins with picking up a bright shade for yourself. You do not necessarily have to choose neon-colored outfits for yourself. Other hues like red, burgundy, royal blue, plum, and orange qualify as bright too. However, some people feel odd wearing a monocolored clothing piece. They feel that it makes you stand out. 

The best way to go about it is to pair your bright sweater or coat with a similar shade of shirt or bottoms. Even the same colored scarf in a different shade will do the trick. For example, you can wear a royal blue high neck and pair it with a coat in a different shade of blue. Or you can opt for bright colored pants and pair it with a matching scarf.

Add Colors that Compliment Your Skin Tone

While opting for bright colors, you need to be careful regarding the hues that you add to your wardrobe. Not all bright shades will suit you. Don’t get excited by looking at a particular color. Make an effort, go to the trial room, and see if the color that got you excited compliments your skin tone or not. This can make a huge difference. Because some hues suit some people while they look horrible on others. 

For example, not everyone is capable of carrying a red color in a chic way. It suits some, looks hideous on others. You will be a better judge of what looks the best on you.

Bright Accessories

Your clothes are not the only things that can make your wardrobe bright. You will also have to pay attention to choosing bright accessories for yourself. Because at times, accessorizing your basic colored outfit with bright bangles or scarf can make the whole difference. The pop of color in the accessories can give you a completely different and lively look. Because let’s face it, everyone associates bright tones with happiness and liveliness. 

Some of the bright accessories that you can invest in include bags, earrings, bracelets, and even your scarves. Some people even opt for a bright scarf to tie around their bag in a subtle hue. That gives the bag a fancy look too. Other than that, girls also buy bright shades these days. And when all options exhaust, they head to nail bars to get their nails painted in bright colors. This, by the way, is also a smart way of adding brightness to your whole look. 

Hair Color

This is not a wardrobe essential, but it adds brightness to your look. You might have seen women going all gaga over bright and neon shades of hair color. This has been a very popular trend in the recent past. And continues to dominate the market. From neon green to pink, the girls go crazy when they opt for hair colors these days.

Recently, I came across a video on Facebook where the woman got her hair dyed in rainbow colors. It seemed odd but fancy, nonetheless. And women are ready to spend a crazy amount of money on getting their hair dyed in various ways. God knows what’s next in the hair trends. 

Bright Bags

As mentioned earlier, opting for a bag in a bright shade also does the trick of brightening your wardrobe. People do not opt for the basic blacks and browns when it comes to choosing bags these days. The trend is shifting towards green, red, and orange, for instance. And when the women do not have that type of a bag, they tie a bright colored scarf around the bag’s handle. Thus, doing the trick. 

Bright Makeup

When nothing else works, the makeup does the trick. Just like you can get neon nail paints and bags these days, you can easily get neon-colored or bright shades of lip colors. Not only lip colors, but bright eyeshades, eye pencils, and even mascaras are a thing now. If you think that you do not want to opt for a bright outfit, try wearing bright makeup. It will give you an instant bright and happy look. While not looking that odd either. 

And before you bring any of the suggestions to use, tell yourself that you have to carry the look with confidence. Do not be afraid to experiment. I searched all women’s clothing stores near me in a hunt for bright colored sweaters this season. Although I came across many of them every time I tried any of the bright colored sweaters, I put it back. The lack of confidence and the fear to experiment is what I will label it as. However, I plucked the courage to invest in 2-3 of them. Now I wear them with confidence. 


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